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Shopping for Luxury Bags!


Girls can never have enough bags. We genuinely need a different bag for our different outfits, occasions and moods.

I have never gotten a luxury item from the stores in Singapore because of its huge mark ups. You would agree no less. Singaporeans end up traveling overseas for their luxury items. How does buying luxury bags from a portal at the convenience of your own home and delivered to your door step sound to you? 

Imybags have offices in Italy, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore is one of the largest Authentic Bag portal in Asia.

I had the opportunity to pick my favorite bags from and have them delivered to my door step, clean and beautifully wrapped! I chose 5 bags from 5 different popular brands, prices range from S$660 to S$1100. 

This classy black longchamp handbag is one of my favorites because it's so easy to wear! It's perfect for work, tagged affordably at S$660 but not a even a tad shabby. 





I can have a cute red bag too! If you are looking for a bag to carry for the weekends or a day out, this would fit the bill! 



My Aunt has one of these bags and I see her carry it effortlessly with most of her outfits. Very much the reason why I checked this and dropped it into check out! 




I have a black clutch and looking for a light colored one for lighter outfits. Every girl needs one of these Miu Miu clutches for our dinner dates and functions! 




Fendi got to be one of the classer brands on Imybags. Looks like I found my weekend bag, a vintage and classic handbag from Fendi. I would carry this bag for my overseas trip anytime! 



Imybags gets all bags from Authorized source and only sells authentic and brand new bags. In fact, to offer bags in top notch conditions, Imybags do not bring their bags out to any sales roadshows! 

Imybags provides free shipping for Singapore and Malaysia with purchases delivered to us within 3 working days! 

Imybags does not only sell bags for women, but a one stop online store for all! A Mommy can buy a Prada for herself, get a schoolbag for her daughter and even surprise daddy with a new laptop bag or travel bag! 

Creating an account is really a breeze! Within 2 minutes, I am all ready to shop around! 


Do also check out Imybags's Membership Rewards! Here's my account and I am still on Level 1 :P

Commoner Zoe :P

Online Shopping XP Formula:  Spend USD $1 and earn 1 XP! Register as member now and start pampering yourself! You will also be notified of exciting and attraction promotions! (:

Taking pride in bringing in latest trends from the world of fashion and luxury exclusively for their customers, we will find the most sought-after branded bags by celebrities and socialites around the globe! 

Imybags mobile app is also available for download at Play store or App Store! 

Just for my readers, please quote “” upon checking out your item to enjoy 10% off your purchase! The promo code is valid till June 15, not valid for promotional sales.

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Shinx said...

hello! where's your red shoes from? so pretty!

Tysh said...

i love the first dress so much! *.*

Unknown said...

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