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Blink Mints!

Because I meet clients on a daily basis, I make sure that I always carry a box of mints in my bag. Nothing is more important than a fresh breath and I'm certain no more will agree less! Not forgetting those long, draggy meetings where you would come to appreciate a box of mints even more! :P


When Blink Mints sent some of their mints over, I immediately thought of my guy colleagues. Guys tend to have unorganized bags and sometimes never seem to be able find their box of mints! Blink Mints's box is small and they can fit perfectly into pockets!!


Blackcurrant- the dark mysterious taste. A favorite of many, this dark berry blend with just a hint of mint will freshen you up. Guaranteed to water your tastebuds!


Cola- A new born classic for all ages. The great cola taste, fits perfectly to this sugar free quality compressed mint- it will leafe you with the perfect cola taste, but without the calories.


Green Apple- Juicy, juicy and juicy green apple flavor. Sour, but not too sour and with a tiny trace of mint. Certain to give you a boost and get that water in your mouth running!


Mango Passion- the taste of the summer. A great combination of mango and passion turns this sugar free mint into a taste sensation which will make you come back again and again!


Blink PeachBerry- Loved by all nationalities. A true novelty with a mix of flavors not seen before. The dominant flavor is strawberry with just a hint of peach to create a unique experience! 

These are the 5 fruity flavors of Blink Mints! Having tried them all, Blackcurrant and Blink PeachBerry are my favorites! I haven't had anything close to a strawberry flavor mint so I was really excited to taste it and falling in love with it! I love anything blackcurrant flavored and I do admit the romantic and girly purple box played a part too! :D

Being a regular buyer of candies now, I withhold this perception that beautiful packaged candies aren't the most tasty or healthy. But Blink Mints proved me wrong with their high quality mints that are Made in Germany. Available in 5 different flavors; Mangopassion, Greenapple, Peachberry, Blackcurrant or Cola, all flavors has No Artifical Coloring and are Fruity Flavoured!! It is also Sugarfree and thus, perfect for Diabetics. Also low in Calories, ladies now don't have to worry about popping in too much candies now! (:


With these mints coming in 4 different designs per flavor, there's now 1 different box for that different personality and taste for you!

Each box comes with a dazzling crystal each! My sweet box  is nicer than your box!! :D


Collect them all today! :D Blink Mints is now available in 40 countries today!!


You can get your hands on these Blink Mints today from any NTUC FairPrice Stores, Selected Watson’s Stores, Guardian Stores, SPC Service Stations and Selected Caltex Kiosks. The average retail pricing of a box of Blink Mints is S$2.80.

So much fun, which describes you best? :D 

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Tysh said...

I really liked the way you changed outfits to match blink mints =D