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Abacus Christmas Party 2013!


Ever year, we have a different department put in charge of organizing the Christmas party. This year, it's Sales and Marketing's turn to plan the games, prepare the goody bags and lucky draw etc!! We started preparation about a month plus before Christmas! (:

It was a little nerve wrecking at some points because we were preparing 2014 Lunar New Year party for 350 pax as well as this Christmas party. Organizing parties is no joke man!!

Dawn and I prepared the proposal, budget and sourced the goody bags as well as the lucky draw gifts. Jermaine was in charge of executing the lucky draw while Adam and Melvin were the game masters! We always work very well as a team so we had a job well done!! (:

So many prizes!!

With Jermaine, tidying up the lucky draw prizes!

With Jermaine and Siti!


With part of the sales team!

We gave the company a choice on whether they wanted better food or better gifts and the latter got the majority! So we ordered just pizza, turkey, ham and made some salad while we spent most of the budget on gadgets and cash vouchers!

Making of fruit salad!!

Thanks Anna, Nicole, Rohana and Mee Yoke for dirtying your hands to give us an additional dish for the party!! (:

Party starts when the clock strike 12! Everyone gathered in the conference room for some games and fun! 


We have Eugene as our prize award-er haha!


Jermaine posing with a laptop bag and got it in the end lol!

We actually prepared a gift for every single colleague. The bottom 40 prizes were subsidiary prizes with very good titles while the 5 top prizes were the real good stuff like iPad, tablet, Mont Blanc and hampers. So the bottom 40 prizes were like;
A Trip to Bali for a Beach Vacation but all they won was a beach ball! :X
A Manicure by TNS but all they won was a nail clipper. 
A $100 Tim Ho Wan voucher but they got a Dim Sum box to make their own dim sum at home!!

After the lucky draw, we had games!! 
There's Adam our GM of the day. GM- Game Master. 

Reindeer Adam


Adam briefing us on the first game that was Treasure Hunt. We were told to find 7 pieces of papers found in the office. Dawn hid the papers before she flew to the States so though we were in the committee, only she and Adam knew the locations.


Looking for clues in the fridge even hahaha!!

Back in the room!!

Our team got 2nd position!! :D

Melvin's team was first!

And the last 3 teams of the treasure hunt has got to be in the next game which we call the Running Man game. 


So the game involves... Lemons... 




Sugar and tea. 


For those who watched Running Man, you would know this game. So each member has to roll the dice and the number shown would be the number of lemons you gonna get squeezed in your cup! 

Followed by a choice of 1-8 which dictates the instrument used to give you your team's sugar. There is a ladle and a ear pick in the bag of instruments lol!

Last but not least, bitter lipton tea fills up the remaining cup. 




The team who finishes the fastest wins! So thankful that I was not involved in the game! Lemons.... :X

Time to break for lunch!! 

Boxes and boxes of pizza!!



Our Turkey!!


Eugene helping with the turkey!

Our very own homemade salad- probably the only healthy dish around that afternoon! :P

Picture with the sales team with Sui Hunn and that's Mel goofing around as usual.


We also took this time to award some long service awards to 2 of our colleagues!! (:

Long Service Awards of 15 years!!!- Linda!!

Long Service Awards of 15 years- Didi!!

Olivia, Siti and Linda!

Shan Shan and William!

Parties like such always make me love our beautiful pantry more! (:

Back to the room for a last chance to win an iPad. The lucky draw iPad was won by Steven!! Congrats Steven!!! We have another iPad to be won in the last game of the Christmas Party! 

We didn't want any game that required a skill, so all games were based on pure luck so it would be fair to all. Cause we have about 40 people, the first part of the game was to draw lots. If you get an O, you move on to the next stage of the game. If you get an X, you are OUT! Suay or what, Adam, Eugene, Jermaine, Melvin and I all got an X! Bye bye iPad! ): 

So here's our lucky 20 who moved on to the next stage!!


Facing each other, they play a game of scissors paper stone! Winner stays and loser out. 


The 10 winners would move on to the 3rd stage which was "Come out number". We total the numbers that they come out and the person who's numbered is out. 2 winners are emerged from this stage and move on to the last stage to win the iPad!! 

4th stage involved 20 audiences which holds a card each. The 2 remaining contestants would pick 10 card each from the 20 audiences and with 9 biggest while 10 being the smallest, the person with the bigger number at the end of picking 10 cards wins the iPad!! 

Steven was the winner of the lucky draw iPad while Mei Chee was the winner of the last game!! Congrats guys!! (: 


Ended the party 2.5 hours later with a log cake! (: 


It was real hard work organizing and making sure the party runs well. Who's department would be in charge next year? Till we meet again next Christmas!  (:

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