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My Little Fingers

I received my first My Little Fingers pouch from Gugu Julie sometime ago and we cousins all loved it! It is made from the best fabric and brightest colors that stood out from any others!

My Little Fingers is the brainchild of Sharel, my gugu's friend. We were invited to her place to check out her whole range of handmade pouches and bags, and that got me very excited!! It's nearing Christmas so this could be a place where you can do some last minute shopping if you have been looking for something unique for your family and friends! Sorry I should have visited them sooner and shared about this place where you can get some quality and unique Christmas gifts!

me holding a macaron laptop case!!

Pouches and handphone pouches!

The items featured here are just a handful of the available fabric! There are many more that I wished I could show you them all! 

A whole set of cat designed pouches!!



Favorite 2 handphone pouches got to be this black/white velvet piece and....


this animal-printed one!! There's a giraffe on the case's flap!! Reminded me so much of Gwang Soo! :D

Pouches that could be used for almost anything!! Makeup, stationery!!

Visiting My Little Fingers made me wish I was still studying and needed all those pens for school. It would be the perfect excuse to get my hands on more of these pouches for school! 

Hung the beautiful hangphone pouch on my bag! teeehee!

The bag I bagged home hahaha! A laptop bag which color would be suitable for school or work.

I was initially torn between 2 designs, this black/white more formal looking one and a pink ballerina piece. Decided to get the former since I'm a working adult now and I should need something more formal when I take my laptop out with me to meet my clients. So besides bright, loud colors, My Little Fingers do carry darker colors too! (:

The interior of the bags!!!!!

I wish my blog could let you feel the actual material of the bags! The interior of the bag is thick and fluffy! I couldn't stop zipping and unzipping to touch the velvety interior!! :D

I was truly very attracted to the display which Sharel had prepared for us and missed the row of white drawers at the back. (Literally walked through the door, past the cupboards- totally missed it, only had eyes for the display in front of me!!)


I am in My Little Fingers heaven!! It's also my Gugu Julie's first time to Sharel's place. Gugu usually sees the items that she wants online and meet downstairs for the purchases. 

Drawers and drawers of handmade goodies.

And there, my aunt shopping away. She spent a good 30 minutes looking through each drawer before deciding on a few for Christmas gifts. 



Sharel showed us her fabric books and was very willing to share with us anything we wanted to know about My Little Fingers. I took some pictures of the fabrics that caught my eye! (:

For the cheerleaders!!!

Nautical! Cute little anchors and boats! (:

I love the F fabric!!

The pouches can also be customized based on your favorite fabric and inner! Say you do not like a hot pink interior, you could opt for a brown colored one instead? 



I have to share 1 important fact of My Little Fingers pouches, that is they can be machine-washed!! So no frets that it would get dirty and you have to spend more money changing it!!

Visit My Little Fingers on Facebook to check out their wide range of pouches, bags, laptop cases, iPad cases etc!! Alternatively, you can drop Sharel an email at or a call/text at 90909208! For bigger orders, she could arrange an onsite shopping experience like we did! (:

I was offered a commission for this but I've decided to give this comm to the readers in terms of a discount should you be interested to get them! So please quote Zoe Raymond to get 10% off any purchase. For purchase of 10 items or more, enjoy 20% off! Promotion is valid from now till further notice by My Little Fingers so be quick!! (: 

Ending the post with a shot with the beautiful creator of My Little Fingers, Sharel! (:


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Tysh said...

that type of work is also expanding in Portugal. it's very expensive but it's worth it =D