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Friday got me missing Hong Kong.


Back from Hong Kong just a few days ago (Sunday!) but can't wait for my next trip already! Hong Kong was really cool the days we were there. I was afraid that it would be too cold that the day before, I was at Uniqlo getting a few heattechs!!

I took too many photos, like always. So here's just a short post of the short trip. I will be blogging detailed blog post next week! This will be a brief post of the first 2 days. The detailed posts would include addresses and prices!! (:

Some photos at the airport, waiting for our flight!! :D

At the departure Hall!!


Beautiful lace trimmings!! (;


Outfit for The Day:
Pastel Patch Wollen Short Pullover
Patterner Aztec Skorts
Watch: Ted Baker
Necklace: Forever 21

Arrived at the hotel at Hollywood Road and went for a quick wanton mee noodles just downstairs our hotel before heading back to the hotel to zzz! 

The next day started at us traveling to Tim Ho Wan!! The queue was surprisingly alright, we waited about 30 minutes to our turn! (:

My partner for the trip, En! (:

After Tim Ho Wan, it was time for an adventure at Ocean Park! It was my first time to Ocean Park in fact. Sheila was telling me that it was fun! (;

Cute entry passes!

Took this breathtaking view of just 1 part of the theme park! 

This is the pair that most of you were asking for! I swear by their comfort, I walked all day in time with zero complains. There's a slight thick heel so I felt slightly taller heehee!

Visiting the seals! 

And the Pandas!! (:

The pandas were really more active! One of them were walking around the enclosure so we had real good view and pictures! 

Itinerary was to go back to the hotel to rest and prep up for an evening at The Peak! I was there the last time I was in Hong Kong in 2010 but En wanted to go to the wax museum so there we were! 

Beautiful! (: 

Hi Mr Lee Kuan Yew! (:

Outfit for the evening:
Coming back Knit Sweater (And in new colors too!!)
Swift and Swirl Pleats Skirt
Faux Leather Jet Black Knee-Length Boots
(Same pair of Knee-length boots! Told you it was comfy for a whole day's wear)

Many of you have asked where my boots are from! I promised to blog about it and so here's it. One of you was really cute too to say "Don't tell us it's from Hong Kong"! Hahaha!! The boots are gotten locally yay!! If you were following me closely enough on Instagram, in my first posting on jetting off to Hong Kong, you would have seen that these boots are from Mercado9!! The owner has very kindly met me to pass me 3 pairs of their boots just in time for Hong Kong! Because I was only in Hong Kong for 3days this time round, I could only bring 2 pairs over. (Keeping luggage space for snacks hohoho!) =P

Rockfish Long Matt Wellies is the 3rd pair of boots which is also from their latest collection! (:




I've also gotten a discount code which entitles you to 10% off your purchases! Quote ZOEXMAS now till end of December for this discount! (:

Enough of these boots for winter, you can also check out their Christmas Special! There are beautiful gifts that you could get for family and friends like this Whimsical Musical Carousel!! (:

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Anonymous said...


for ur eyelet lace boots, is the smth like wedge incorporated w boots? how is the comfort level?

Tysh said...

indeed, your lacey boots are lovely =D