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Vacation in Phuket!


Clad in an upcoming off-shoulder top from Cherub Pudding, all ready to hit Sea, Sun and Sun!! It's my first time travelling to Phuket and was really excited!! We have been planning for this trip 2 months ago and it finally took flight! Wished we could have more of us, but because we can't have too many colleagues on leave at a time, it was just the 5 of us for this trip.

Firstly, got to thank Jermaine for managing most of the trip! Checking around and booking our flights. Eugene for finalizing where our resorts stay would be. Pei Pei for being the neatest of us all, she took care of all the paperwork and money!! Without you guys, our trip would probably only take place a year later haha! I was looking at the weather report the night before and oh boy! It was no good at all. Out of the 4 days that we will be there, 2 days were going to be stormy. Fingers crossed. 


Our flight was good, the timing was by far the best as compared to SilkAir. Our flight bound to Phuket was at 8am and departure from Phuket was 9pm. We flew by Tiger, my first time on an LCC carrier and the experience wasn't too bad. 

Jermaine picking up some Phuket maps available for all just after immigration! 

Unfortunately, our airport transfer didn't turn up and we decided to take up the transport available at the airport after about 30 minutes of waiting. The transport for the 5 of us, in a very comfortable MPV cost 1700 Baht, less than S$68.


We arrived at Baan Krating about 1 hour 15 minutes later! Went to "complain" about the missing airport transfer person (We have already paid for it!! A refund would like 1 month wth? so an alternative was that we deduct any spending in the resort from the airport transfer) and check in. It was fine with us cause we would be dining at the resort anyway and they seem pretty apologetic about it. We booked 2 Deluxe Pavilion Room for the 5 of us. Inclusive of airport transfer, it was 19,000 Baht (S$770). 

photo 1 (11)
Me at Baan Krating resort which is connected to Ao Sane Beach, just north of the famous Nai Harn Beach.

We were famished!! Phad Thai!!! Tom Yum!! Here we comeeeeee!! Since we had to wait 30 minutes for our room, we decided to just dine at the resort's restaurant. (Small resort, one and only restaurant haha!) 


I love eating with bigger groups cause it means that I can order more!!! And have a variety of food teehee! When in Thailand, eat Tom Yum, Phad Thai!! :D :D 


We ordered 5 dishes with 2 rice for the 5 of us to share! Makes my stomach growl now that I'm blogging this! Sighhh! 

Seafood Phad Thai

Jermaine's favorite in Thailand! She's ordering Phad Thai for every meal haha! Very generous portion of seafood, that we find it a tad too much!! Can't never experience this "problem" in Singapore.

Best omelette!! P/s: Must be cause of the abundant of oil haha!

Seafood Salad

Accidental order- Chicken with some spicy gravy and basil- very very good!

Tom Yum Goong!!!! - again with a lot of seafood! Slurps!

Surprisingly, the meal at the resort was good! I wasn't expecting much cause usually hotels food isn't comparable to those outside, but we were proven wrong! The meal came up to 1300 Baht that is about S$51. Phuket is a tourist area so the food prices aren't comparable to that of Bangkok. The meals we went for work out to about the same, S$10 per pax. 

After lunch, we walked around our resort and did unloaded off our luggage. 



I really like our room! It is big and has a really high ceiling! 




Humongous toilet (this is just 1 side of the toilet)


OOTD from Cherub Pudding!

Overseeing the other villas.


My room mates for the next 3 nights- Pei Pei and Jermaine!! (;




I could spend a whole day just doing nothing and watching mother nature.

Hi, Eugene!


Resort's Pool! We will be back!! (:


The one downside about this resort is that it is a 15 minutes walk out to the nearest convenience store. But the hotel provides transport out 4 times a the day. 



It's a trip to relax and unwind. So we made totally no plans on where to go and what to do hahahaha! There wasn't exactly a driver in us this trip, so we headed down to the travel agent at the foot of the hotel (Nai Harn Beach) called Phuket Napa Travel. 

The boys!

We made plans to visist Coral Island on our 3rd day! We are going to spend 3/4 day there and basically just visit to another island and clearer waters to snorkel and do some other water activities. We paid 1200 baht per pax, S$47 is pretty alright for a day trip (lunch provided). 

Watermelon ice cream at Nai Harn Beach!!

Every few minutes, we will walk past this self-service petrol tanks!!

Here's us at another restaurant for some food. We weren't supposed to be eating again, but Jermaine was really scared of the many stray dogs roaming around and 1 particular one that kept following us for about 10 minutes. So we decided to stop at this place for shelter haha! 


This place provides food, massage, manicure and hair services!! Everything at one place, and it's about 15 minutes walk from the foot of our resort. 

More thai food!! :D 

Clear tom yum goong!

Chicken with cashew nuts!

Stir-fried beef with basil!!!

Phad Thai!

Shrimp cakes!

Very thick shrimp paste, yummy!

I can't consider this our lunch cause we had one earlier. So this is probably our high tea haha! And the high tea was 850 baht (S$34). 

Ice cream woman!!

Craving for coconut ice cream and reminded me of the one I had in Bangkok. But this taste nothing like the one at Jatujak market. Sighhh!

20 baht comes with 4 scoops of ice cream and toppings of your choice, I got sticky rice!

Eugene's endless bottles of Spy Wine Cooler- Very sweet drink somewhat like soft drink with light alcohol content.

Too sunny!!


Chickens on the loose!!

Started walking back to our resort and stopped short to get some fruits to eat at the villa tonight! (; 



Back at Nai Harn Beach!! We haven't gone down to the waters and decided to spend sometime there before we went back to the resort. 

photo 2 (11)
Mandatory beach jump shot teehee!


Best company! (:

We didn't want to walk out again to get dinner so we ordered room service!! Ordered some of the dishes we preferred at lunch earlier hehe! 


Pineapple Rice!!!

Papaya Salad

It's Phad Thai for 3 meals now lol!


Stir-fried chicken with vegetables!

Tom Yum Goong!

There you have our 1000 baht (S$40) dinner! (: I was having a bad throat already and refrained from eating the spicy stuff for dinner. Got to keep the throat well cause it was only day 1!! Thankful for Steven who brought some MAC lozenges, my throat was alright the next morning! :D We spent the rest of the night in the room, bonding, drinking! Bestest way to end an evening! Actually this is the way we end every holiday's evenings!

Didn't want to end beautiful Day 1 in Phuket with dinner pictures. Ending the post with some beautiful shots of Phuket which I captured as we were walking back to the resort. 

photo 3 (8)

photo 4 (6)


Breathtaking... Loving every bit of you, Phuket. 

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Unknown said...

hello, glad that I found your blog since I'm going to phuket soon, anw I was wondering what's the camera you were using. such nice pics you took there. Thanks

Karon Beach Resort said...

Awesome blog about your stay at Nai Harn Beach. If you plan to go back to the lovely Island of Phuket you can check out hotels in Karon Beach! Karon offers plenty of dining option and a long stretch of powdery beach as well.

Now Phuket said...

Your travel adventure in Phuket looks awesome,
i love Baan Krating Resort location but i do think it needs a renovation at the moment as it looks dated and things are kinda falling apart now. i love your writing style and think you definitely make the cut for a great travel blog writer, There are a lot of great things to do in Phuketand i am really glad to read your take on it. thank you for sharing this awesome experience with us. reading the rest of your blog now.