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Brunch at Au Chocolat



Outfit of The Day
Hollyhoque Floral Almighty Shift Dress




Au Chocolat King Breakfast- S$26

Dine like a king with the best breakfast items!! Pan-fried chicken chipolata sausages, crispy bacon, smoked salmon, black truffle scrambled eggs, grilled tomato, tater tots, sliced avocado and brioche bread with butter!

Sweet Morning Pancakes- S$16

Four layers of fluffy hot pancakes served with caramelized banana, mixed berries, butter, maple syrup and dusted with powered sugar!! Beautiful creation! (:



Got tickets for all 3 exhibitions held at the Art Science Museum!! The 3 exhibitions are A Herman Miller Exhibition, 50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic and Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb.

The highlight at the museum must be the Mummy Exhibition! For the first time in Southeast Asia, secrets of the mysterious Egyptian burial practices and mummification process will be revealed in Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb!!


Photos were not allowed throughout the exhibition, but here's a short write-up on what to expect.

A 3D film experience that captures the "virtual unwrapping" of the 3,000-year old mummy of Egyptian temple priest Nesperennub - whose original cartonnage coffin has never been opened - to unveil the story of his life and death, complete with a digital reconstruction of his facial appearance.

Be amazed with over 100 artefacts, including six exceptionally preserved mummies from the extensive and famed Egyptian collection of the British Museum. The exhibition will explore the mysterious rituals of life, death and the afterlife in ancient Egypt. Exhibition is on now till 4 November 2013.

I didn't like the Herman Miller Exhibition, just features of very expensive chairs and some abstract art which I can't appreciate. 

I love the 50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic.

Chris Johns' stunning shot of a South African lion

The exhibition includes some of the most-remembered and celebrated photographs from the magazine's 125-year history. Here are some of my favorites! (:

Beautiful!! Like a painting!




 Steve McCurry's unforgettable Afghan girl

This was the picture I was looking around for,The famous Afghan girl. The image brought her recognition when it was featured on the cover of the June 1985 issue of National Geographic Magazine at a time when she was approximately 12 years old. Gula was known simply as "the Afghan Girl" until she was formally identified in early 2002. She's so popular that she is on WikiExhibition is on now till 27 October 2013.

Also went to the Zoo 2 weekends ago for a family day event.

Fringe is too longggg again! ):

Should I keep the fringe long again??

It was really not an easy task to find a nice spot to take OOTD at the Zoo hahaha! A small water fountain near the toilet seemed like the most decent place I can find. 


Outfit of The Day
Mango Spag Top
Hollyhoque Buttons In Line High Waist Shorts
Bag: Ferragamo
Hollyhoque Gold Rod Sandals
(In it's last pieces, email for purchase)


My favorite shot of the day!! Horsey! (:

And what is the best to have on a hot day?? 

ICE CREAM at Udders!!!!



A sccop of Mao Shan Wang and Rum and Raisin makes me a happy girl! :D :D

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