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Happy Birthday Yunqi!!


Met up with the girls for dinner to celebrate Yunqi's birthday! Jing couldn't make it cause dear Zyan was sick! The poor boy hasn't been too well recently. Please keep him in your prayers. 

My bangs was annoyingly long that evening. Had it trimmed at Von the very next day! That's the bad thing about bangs. It grows too quickly and my colleague was saying I have hair of a Maltese dog already lol! Still being patient with the fringe.. At least for a few more months? (((: 

We had dinner at Swenson's! Our usual hangout when we were schooling. Jing suggested Swenson's cause it reminded us of school, wanted to do some reminiscing huh? :D 

Met up with the girls at Bugis's Swenson's. Yunqi and Pris came a little later so we helped order some appetizers and mains too! The place was so packed!! 

With En!! 


Mushrooms!! My loveee 

Fried chicken fillet 

Pathetic looking Onion rings 

My order always at Swenson's- Fish Baked Rice! 

Pris's Chicken Baked Rice! 

Yanli's spring chicken- probably the most affordable and worthy meal!! 

En's pasta with fried fillet 

Yunqi's spicy seafood pasta! 

Dinner is not over without ice cream especially when you are at Swenson's!! We ordered an Earthquake to share! The kitchen mixed up our ice cream flavors and it was only after a few mouths that we realized. The manager was really nice to have the Earthquake changed for us! (: 


Remember how we used to be sooooo excited about the dried ice in the middle. I would always focus on that instea is the ice cream. Filling it with more tap water to see the smoke! But I know ive grown up when I told the waiter not to add water cause I want to eat the ice cream immediately! Hahahaha!! 

Birthday girl with Pris and Kadson! 

Yunqi just got back from one of her work trips to London and got us gifts!! It must be my lucky day cause I picked the one which everyone liked most hehehehe! 

En and my matching pouch and luggage tag!! :))


Hey Yunqi, thank you again for the gifts and always making time for us!! This sweet girl actually texted me when she read my thank you mentions to her on En's birthday blog post. Once again, thank you for always there for our gatherings when we call you. No matter how beat you are from flying. 

See you soon! x


Pictures of my 2nd cropped knit top, this time in grey from Hollyhoque to end the post!! :D

Outfit of the Day
Hollyhoque Cozy in Stripes Cropped Knit Top

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Tysh said...

i envy you for always have a great hair *.* beautiful! i wish i would get treatments to be that shiny. Because of the summer, my hair is so ugly T_T