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Oyster Bar.


Monthly affair with the TNS girls! We always go somewhere good for a dinner and this time round, it's Oyster Bar at Customs House. We surely heard a lot of this place and like the name says, it serves really good oysters. And Mabs and Sheila are real big fans of oysters while I take a little and Christine doesn't at all. Mabs was saying she once ate 18 oysters at a dinner omg. This girl is no joke!!


Before dinner, Sheila and I went for our fortnightly (now monthly) IPL session at Revive Wellness! I always end up waiting for Sheila because she's late!! So I always camwhore a full series of photos while waiting for her! haha! 



Jazz & Dazzle Top is now launched on!! (:

Loving the sequin details!!


Oyster Bar not just serve different kinds of oysters but they have a pasta menu as well. So for those who do not take oysters, that won't stop you from going to this place! (: 



We made a table reservation on a weekday evening but when we were there it was pretty empty, not too sure about Fridays and weekends but better be safe than sorry!

The view is beautiful. We chose to sit outdoors cause it was an cold evening and the view was too good to be missed.


Hey there, Sheila!!

XO Aglio Olio with Scallop- S$38

Sheila and I both ordered our pasta before Mabs and Chris reached cause we were famished!! I seldom take scallops but that looked the most appealing on their menu. There isn't much variety to choose from except Lobster Pasta and Fish n Chips. 

Here comes Chris and Mabs!! And group shots of us taken by self timer!! :D 



Oysters Freshly Shucked (12)- S$110

Slurps! Easily the best oysters I have taken. Super doper fresh. And also really expensive. The oysters are priced at S$18-S$24 per pair. 

Everyone in Hollyhoque yo!!!

Seafood Platter- S$88

Christine and Mabs didn't order a main. They ordered a Seafood Platter to share. It's a huge platter with mussels, prawns, scallops, clams, oysters (more!!) and half lobster. 



Christine wanted Champagne cause she read that Oyster Bar is popular for their Champagnes too! 

Just for show. I only took 2 sips while the 3 girls polished the whole bottle!

Chris ordered their Dessert for the Day, Tiramisu, which was served in a beautiful wooden bowl!! 


Dinner was good. The view was too. Most importantly, the company!! Dinner came up to about S$600 for the 4 of us. The most expensive dinner we 4 went to haha!! Mabs loves the oysters so much that she went back a few days later with her boyfriend! Oyster lovers out there, you must try Oyster Bar at least once!!

Oyster Bar
70 Collyer Quay 01-01
Customs House
Singapore 049323

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Ivy said...

Is there only raw osyters? or do they actually serve cooked ones too?

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hey zoe, love your eyes!May i know what contact lens r u wearing?