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Vanilla Gastro Wine Bar.

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Breakfast with the team every morning without fail! (: Every morning we would have salad and maybe chicken. Today we had tuna on crackers!! Yummy! 

With my favorite girl, Jermaine!

Chili Tuna and Tomato Chili Tuna!


Rather than having them on boring and filling bread, I like my tuna on biscuits! Try it! (: 

Some shots of my ootd in the pantry! 



Ztyle of The Day
Bree Playsuit in White: PeppyThread
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Belt: Forever New
Watch: Aigner
Shoes: Hollyhoque

I couldn't decide if I wanted the black or white romper and decided on getting the white and thankful that it wasn't a bit sheer! The material is fab and the cutting is really flattering! This playsuit is really classy and perfect for the weekend brunch or date! 




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Walked past this little place, Vanilla, a couple of times now and decided to give it a try yesterday. The place is a gastro which serves wine but also serves hot lunch fixes so why not? 

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It was around 12pm but this cosy place was really quiet. I guess the people working in this office building prefers to walk to the food courts nearby so if you are looking for a quiet place to chill, you can consider Vanilla. 




The place is brightly lit so it's a nice place to take some pictures!! 


Loving my dual colored clashing colored toes by The Nail Status!

Ztyle of The Day
Ameila Dress: I Wanna Closet
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Watch: Omega
Shoes: Bugis Village

I am seldom in yellow colored dresses because I tends to make me appear yellow because of my skin tone but I couldn't be bothered about it because I love the flowy chiffon and drapes at chest. Instead of making me look yellower, it actually brightened up my skin and made me look fairer, don't you think? (: 

The menu was prefer extensive for this one-man gastro. There were dons, sandwiches and pasta on the menu. I was actually spoilt for choice. 

Black Pepper Beef don

The place takes pride in their serving portions too! 

Sandwich with Norwegian smoked salmon and egg mayo

The bill was about S$22 for 2, I find the food good and food was served within 20 minutes and the chef/shop assistant whips each dish fresh on the spot. What I like best is the nice, cosy ambience. Give Vanilla a try!

Vanilla Gastro Wine Bar
103 Penang Road, #01-02 
Singapore 238467

And a last shot of my happy-ootd! (: 


I have been whipping my own dinner at home and I like to cook some simple fare when I have the time! 

Salmon, Green Peas and Tomato Eggs!

Broccoli with Carrots, Radish Eggs and Salmon (again!)

I am also really happy to be eating healthier and healthily now. I no longer go on a strict diet like carbo-less or not eat. Ever since I started an exercise regime of going for yoga at least 4 times a week now, I realized how important it is to keep fit and eat healthy. I also realized how disproportionate the body would be if I diet such as boobs going right down first and not the exact part you wish to work on like thighs. So you all, let's work hard and do it for the body you wanted. A year later, you're going to wish you started today. Do it! 

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SIMONE said...

Thank you for the inspiration on healthy eating! I am in dire need of losing weight and hence trying to change my eating habits.
You say you mostly eat salad and chicken or fish for brekkie with some cracker maybe, and I am trying to go there also, as I like to eat that a lot, but you get odd looks here in Europe for doing so :D
Would love to see more homecooked foods by you for inspiration <3
Do you usually have breakfast, lunch and dinner or just two meals a day or also snacks in between? Or does his vary?

Take care xxx


Anonymous said...

Hmmm u seem to have gain weight and your face looking very dry.. need to do more mask!!