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Tokyo, Japan- Day 4!

Monday started with train ride to Shinjuku to Shinjuku Highway Bus Terminal to get tickets to Mount Fuji!!!!! Really really excited because Mt. Fuji is an highlight of Japan. Mount Fuji is officially open for climbing during July and August via several routes. But I am not prepped to climb this active mountain, just going to watch it from afar. hehe



The bus ticket from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko Station cost 1700 yen (S$22).


The duration was almost 2 hours. So I suggest you to wear something comfortable, plug in some music and take a nap. Time passed really fast and when I woke an hour plus later, I was greeted by this breathtaking view. Mount Fuji surfacing!!! 


Right in front of us!!!

Kawaguchiko Station

Arriving at Kawaguchiko Station, we had to purchase bus ride at 1000 yen (S$13) to Mt. Kachi Kachi Ropeway. 


The Kachi Kachi Ropeway ascends 400 meters from the eastern shore of Lake Kawaguchiko to an observation deck near the peak of Mount Tenjo. From the observation deck, which sits more than 1000 meters above sea level, there are panoramic views of the lake below and of Mount Fuji. Cause we had time before the last bus arrived, got cuppa and pastries at the cafe of Kawaguchiko Station.

Happy me!!

Orange Croissant yum!


The bus ride from Kawaguchiko Station to Kachi Kachi Ropeway was about 10 minutes and I took a photo of the price board of the cable car ride to the observation deck! 


An adult round-trip is 700 yen (S$9) and a child round-trip was 350yen (S$4.50). They offer one-way rides for visitors who want to come down by foot. The departure is really frequent, at every 5-10 minutes and each ride only takes 3 minutes!! Time is precious when you are travelling! :D

They have packages if you want to take the Ropeway + Lake Kawaguchi Pleasure Boat just on the other side of Kachi Kachi Ropeway. The Pleasure Boat also gives you views of Mt. Fuji, more of that from the observation deck which was just 1 view. Ropeway + Pleasure Boat was at 1200 yen (S$15.50) for adult and halved for a child.


Tickets for cable car and pleasure boat!!!! (;

Up up and away!!! The view is once again, spectacular. 



Arrived at the observation deck and it was really warm haha! I was actually dressed thicker than usual because I assumed it would be really cold.

Me with Mt. Fuji!

Mascot of Mt. Fuji!!

I got the blue one which comes with sweets inside! Got it at 420 yen (S$5.50), alright as a souvenir!


Tried this Mochi with salty sauce. Really super sticky and not the usual I would eat but worth a try! Each stick of 3 was priced at 300 yen (S$3.60)! 

Spent about an hour just sitting around, eating and watching the beautiful Mt. Fuji view (:



Went back to the foot of Kachi Kachi Ropeway to board the Pleasure Boat at Lake Kawaguchi to see more of Mount Fuji!! 

Us with a faint Mount Fuji at the back!!! (;

The Pleasure Boat ride was 20 minutes, worth it!!! I would suggest you to take up both the ropeway and pleasure boat! (: 

Back at the foot again and took pictures at some of the nice locations! (:




Beautiful right!!

These tulips were at one of the stops where perfumes were sold. Apparently, this shop offers DIY perfumes! Which means you can mix and match the fragrances to your own liking! (: 


A last shot before heading back onto the Retro bus back to Kawaguchi Station for lunch. Had lunch at a random restaurant there and food was good and affordable! (: 

I had my first Katsu!!


The best thing is this place offered free wifi!! Spent about an hour there just eating slowly and surfing the net. Lunch was 2200 yen (S$30). Also got these Mount Fuji Special Kit Kat and snacks. The Kit Kat were Blueberry Cheesecake flavoured! Yummy!!! 


There was 3 different kind of packaging but price was the same. This lot of chocolates cost 5000 yen (S$65)! Went back to Shinjuku Station and visited the supermarket at the station itself to get some Tokyo Banana for family and friends! Took awhile to find where Tokyo Banana was because they are known as another name by locals there. 




Isn't that a lot?! Got the Original, Caramel and Strawberry ones! I like the Strawberry ones the best cause it's less sweet in my opinion! And should you not know, the reason why Tokyo Banana are not sold elsewhere outside of Japan is because it has an expiry date. Each box last just 2 weeks, which means each box is made and sold fresh!! (:


Back to the hotel to unload all our greatest buys of the trip and freshened up for dinner!!! 

Picture outside the guitar shop downstairs the hotel!

Outfit of the Day
Hollyhoque Buttoned Long Sleeved Top
Hollyhoque Flap Elegance Blazer
Jipaban Shawl

Train ride to Ebisu for dinner!


Read some good reviews on Shodai over the internet and travelled there for their famous Curry topped with whipped cream Udon! 







The dish was completely white with not a single trace of neither curry nor udon to be seen! The secret to the cream are potatoes! The cream is whipped up with potato paste, which gives it a much more mellow flavor that mixes well with the udon and curry sauce. In fact, the cream mixed with these two flavors go tremendously well together. It wouldn't be too much to say that they match together like the three sides of an equilateral triangle, they are perfectly balanced. In addition, the noodles are hand made and have the perfect texture.


Also ordered a serving of Cold Soba because every guest there ordered this as well. Must be good if every table has this right? (:


The udon is still really unique to me and so I preferred the soba. The udon's cream was pretty gelak so it's good to share the portion. 

Apart from having to wait for more than half an hour because I didn't want a smoking area table, dinner was so good!! This good dinner of an udon, soba, salad and tamago cost 4200 yen (S$50). Where to find $50 Jap dinner in Singapore right? Do try this place if you are there!

Shodai Soba Shop 
Ebisu Minami 1-1-10 1F, Shibuya ku, Tokyo 
Open from 1700 to 400 
Open all year round except for the New Year Holidays


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Anonymous said...

Hi nice post.. u went alone??

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe, just wanna say your Japan trip posts are awesome! They gave me an urge to fly to Japan straightaway. Mt Fuji is so gorgeous by the way. :)
Thanks for the information, I really enjoyed reading! :)


Anonymous said...

Very informative post on Mt Fuji. I like to know what about the trip back from Mt Fuji back to shinjuku. Do we need to purchase the return ticket in Shinjuku bus station or at Mt Fuji. Your reply is most appreciated.