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Spruce & River Safari!!!

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Went for brunch at Spruce after yoga! In love with Yoga now and am going with Zonia at least twice a week now. I have to do a yoga blog post soon to share the goodness with you! (:

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Last week we were at Food for thought and this week at Spruce! :D


Spruce has really good pastries and cakes which are affordable! The scones are at S$4 and each slice of cake is at S$6! 

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Double choc crunch with sea salt caramel!!!

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Lemon Tea Cake that looks like it's snowing!

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Carrot cake with walnuts!

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Sinful looking Brownies!

FOOD come soon!!

I ordered the Spruce Burger!


Signature Spruce Burger with Hand Cut Chips! The meat is a little too medium for my liking, so if you are ordering this, maybe tell them the wellness you want your patty or they will go with their flow. The chips were slightly spicy-seasoned and I polished them! (:

And their All Day breakfast!


Breakfast is complete with thick toast, scrambled eggs, german sausage, potatoes, wild mushrooms, bacons and cherry tomatoes! 


Second time at Spruce and I love this place, it's great place to hang out on a weekend with family and friends!



Ztyle of The Day
Daisy Dress: PeppyThread
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Bag: Bangkok
Shades: Marc Jacobs

This dress is such a cheery piece and I must say it's a perfect dress for a beautiful weekend! The dress is of the length I love my dresses to be and besides the prints that I adore, I love the detailed scallop trimmings at the ends of the dress! (: 


320 Tanglin Rd Singapore 247980 
Tel: 6836 5528


Changed into my casual Manchester United tank top and Hollyhoque Art Attack Shorts to hit the River Safari after brunch! The tickets are priced at S$25 instead of S$35 because the river rides are not ready yet. They should be ready by the end of the year. So visitors got to walk the safari for now.


Huge aquarium!!


The main attraction for the River Safari got to be Jia Jia and Kai Kai!!! Jia Jia is the shy panda and was in his den when I was there.

Hi Kai Kai!!


 River Safari actually set up a CCTV where we can see Jia Jia from his private quarters! Kai Kai is the playful one of the 2 pandas and really greedy, all the shots that I took of him, he was just eating and eating!



And 2 last shots with a beautiful view at River Safari. Can't wait for the river rides to be ready! (: 

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Drove to The Grandstand (formally known as Turf City) to check out the newly opened PasarBella!

Nestled within a family, lifestyle and dining enclave, The Grandstand, PasarBella is the first multi-sensory grocery shopping destination in Singapore. With over 30,000 square feet of market space housing more than 30 unique stalls from around the world, PasarBella is the embodiment of its namesake, which is derived from the local term for ‘market’, and the Italian term ‘beautiful".

PasarBella was conceived by the founders’ dreams to provide a one-stop food and lifestyle experience, all under the same roof.

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This huge grocery shopping store sells cuisine from all over the world! There's Japanese, Mexican food. There are shops that sell fresh live seafood like lobsters and fish and cook on the spot for you once you have chosen!! 

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Macarons too!

Go visit PasarBella today!! (: 

PasarBella @ The Grandstand 
Bukit Timah Singapore 200 Turf Club Road 
Singapore 287994 
Tel: 6887 0077

Ended the afternoon with chilling at the restaurant with an iced drink and dessert! 

Deep fried Mars bars in batter served with Vanilla ice cream and Strawberries!

One of the rare days that I felt like having a dessert! And of course, couldn't finish hehe! 

Sinfully sticky and good!

Perfect weekend :D :D

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