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My Personalized Albums with FotoHub!


Recently really into photo albums because FotoHub provides really pretty and good quality albums at a fraction of the prices you see at usual professional printing shops! 

I printed 2 albums with them, 1 which we call the Instagram album (6SQ FotoJournal) and 1 FotoStory album (8"x12")!

Leaving the pictures to do the talking for now! (: 

Pages and Pages of squared photos! (:

I had the album filled with my Instagram pictures that's why they are all in squares. I filled the album with pictures of my family and friends!!

With my dearest family, and pages filled with pictures of Zonia and I (:

Beautiful moments with Ahgong and Ahma (:

Dearest Purink girls!! Those were pictures from our very own girlfriend shoot!

And more! (:

Wonderful time with Mabs, Christine, Sheila and Melody of course!

Godmama loves Zyan, so Zyan gets a page too!! :D :D



Because I'm the Zhi-lian princess lol!

Even the last page of my very own album is customized. I had the picture of the flowers I took at Cafe Pal as the back page because it's so beautiful and deserves a full page!! 



So there you go, my Instagram album! There are 20 pages full of pictures and I wished I could show you more but hey! You can head down to the nearest FotoHub outlet to take a look and feel the albums before committing! 

The other album was fresh from the oven- My Tokyo, Japan, holiday last month in June. I know I haven't finished blogging, have only completed Day 1 and Day 2 but I'm just going to post some of my favorite shots from the trip here now! 


Aside from customizing the album with pictures, we can also add in text of our own!! I had the trip organized according to days! (: 

Hitting Shibuya on Day 1!

Reviving my childhood at Puroland!

I could choose the pre-set layouts to drag my photos into or create my own layouts freely! I can have my pictures set as the background or choose the available polka dot/ colored background in the FotoHub application. 


One of my favorite shots taken at Harajuku, that's so it deserved a page by it's own (:

Sensoji Temple



There were also pages where I didn't include layouts and had 1 picture on it's own. 


Seeing these pictures make me really miss dressing up!

Mt Fuji and the breath-taking view, now printed and in an album (:

Tsukiji Fish Market!

And again, the album spine and every single page can be customized to your own preference! (:

Besides these 2 albums, I also got myself personalized mugs for office and home! 


Doesn't it look like the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary or that special occasion? I had the Purink girlfriend photoshoot picture printed on the mug!! 


I have 2 of them because I couldn't decide which to get; yellow or pink! Plus, I got 2 mugs because there's an online promotion for purchase of 2 mugs at S$28.90! Quick Quick because this promotion is Valid till 30 June 2013.

My best friend, Peien, designed this which sits on the other side of the mug! How talented? (:

Seen enough of the beautiful customized albums and cups? Here's the process of making the FotoHub albums! I made a trip to the FotoHub shop at Changi City Point!


There are calendars, mugs, restoration, archive etc all available at 1 place!

I was flipping through FotoHub's extensive sample albums to decide which album suits me best and which I wanted to do. 

That's an album of the customer's very own drawings, made into an album!!

Instagram images of nothing but food!!!! Singaporeans really loves to eat!

Seems like it's most popular to have holidays printed into an album for keepsake!


Seen enough, I was really excited to have my hands started on my own albums!!!! 

Starting on the clean, fresh page!


Started with the Instagram album! It was really really easy! First, I started dragging the layouts I want into the page. Secondly, I dropped the photos into the pre-set layouts! 

Layout of 9 and 6 photos because I had too many pictures I wanted to include in the Instagram album! 


Dang! And if you see a red triangle warning as above, it means the photo resolution is too small but you can go ahead to send for print but quality result may not be guaranteed. 

Tip: If you really really die die want that picture included, you can work around and have the picture smaller until the warning sign doesn't show anymore! Having completed 2 albums now, I am now a pro! =P

Wahahaha! Me and the shop assistant who was really helpful!!!

I was really unsure how to get started (though very excited) and was really thankful that the place wasn't too busy when I was there and the shop assistant was very friendly and approachable. She actually sat by me and guide me through until I was able to be on my own! Kudos to her! (:

Spent about 3 hours on both my albums because I took more time choosing which pictures to put in after I overshot the pages hehehe. The DIY stations like such are only available in 2 of the 10 FotoHub outlets, Changi City Point and Forum. The rest of you can go to FotoHub FotoIdeas Software to create your own albums at home.

On the Japan album and almost completed!!


For the FotoStory album (8"x12"), we could have a maximum of 40 pages!!! So there's an option to ADD PAGE! And of course, I couldn't stick to the default 20 pages. 

I was also attracted to the coloful canvas portraits hung on the walls of FotoHub. 

Why not take up Canvas printing for that family portrait?

Canvas printing is very popular today because it's scratch-proof, spill-proof and so you can use a damp cloth to wipe!! Why do the traditional photo portrait printing and have it fixed in a single photo frame and photo fade as months and years go by? My colleague actually printed a canvas portrait of his parents and gave it to his father for Fathers' Day! 

Also available at FotoHub are Instax products!! 

Really really cute Instax Holder only at FotoHub!


Best place to get your Instax films now because FotoHub is holding a promotion for them! Another reason why I suggest to buy from brick and mortar shops is that expiry dates are further away and quality assured. 

The Instax films are going at S$10.90/ pack and S$9.30/pack if you get 5 packs and the prices go down when you get more!

Shout out to En who was there with me to help me take the pictures. Couldn't have done it alone right? :D

Us with our Purink mug which you can see at the outlets too hehe!


Do make a trip down to the FotoHub near you to take a look at my albums or the other albums available and start creating your very own personalized albums for keepsake or gifts! I am going to do a few more albums for my Grandparents and Mom who really loved the albums when I showed them. If you always rack your brain for what to buy for that special somebody, why not consider this? I have friends who started doing these albums for their boyfriends after I introduced it to them!! 

Again, for those who wish to do the albums at the comfort of your own home, can go to FotoHub FotoIdeas Software to create your own albums! 

DISCOUNT CODE: For readers here who are interested to have an album or canvas or just anything created via or FotoIdeas Software, Enter zoeraymond in the discount code to enjoy 10% off! Min. purchase of S$10 per transaction is required. Not applicable to existing promotions and Express Service. 

Click here to find out where the 10 FotoHub outlets are at! That's all I got to share! Have fun, creating! (:


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Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe! Love ur dress. Where do u get it from?

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe,

May I know how much you do for the FotoStory album (8"x12")?


Anonymous said...

Hey, I really like the personalized album concept! It'd be really meaningful to gift it to someone special. Can I just check with you how are the charges like?