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Cafe Pal!

Starting the post with my favorite picture in Cafe Pal to date. 

flowers cafe pal

I posted this shot a week ago and caption was "As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round.". I had the picture as my wallpaper for sometime cause the shot makes me happy. The picture is actually flowers from Cafe Pal. Real flowers and not a painting like it looks like! I am now excited to visit Cafe Pal cause they change their fresh flowers every week! (:



There are 2 levels at Cafe Pal. And they usually open up their 2nd story for events! 


Mama Mee Salad!!! (S$8)

For starters, It was Mama Mee with minced chicken and cabbage tossed in tangy and spicy dressing! I was expecting vegetables with chicken with my salad and mama mee was just a name. Obviously I was wrong lol, thinking too much! This is my first noodles salad and I love it! It's spicy and sour all together! A must order.

Grilled Wings (S$8)

Another small bite we ordered was Grilled fresh chicken wings and drumplets marinated in Cafe Pal's very own sauce. I had 2 pieces myself and I would probably finish them all if I could teehee!

Signature Thai beef soup served with vermicelli (S$9)

Phad Thai (S$9)

The ever popular thai style fried noodles. Rice noodles fried with prawns, dried shrimps, bean curd, chives and bean sprouts. I usually do not order Phad thai but the company I had that evening wanted to order this. And I'm glad they did because this is less sweet and not too wet. 

Phad See-Eu Fried Rice (S$12)

Jasmine Rice fried with dark sauce, mushrooms, a choice of chicken, beef or pork accompanied with a sunny side up! Favorite main dish at Cafe Pal!

The set lunch/dinner at Cafe Pal are at $12+ for noodles and $15+ for rice. Each set comes with a beverage. 

Young coconut Jelly (S$5.00)

Delightful jellies made out of fresh young coconut water and pulp! This is a bad dessert because you just pop and pop into the mouth!!

Mango with sticky glutinous rice (S$6.50)

The must have every time you are in Thailand/ dining at a thai restaurant huh?? (:

Freshly baked Green tea chiffon cake with homemade Kaya dip (S$6)

They specialises in tea and bakes. Also has Thai food on the menu at relatively affordable pricing. So here's more of their bakes from my most recent visit.


French Rose (S$12)

Fragrant rose buds accompanied with a scone of your choice. My first time having a hot tea at Cafe Pal. Cafe Pal is known for their fragrant tea buds in pretty serving cups hehe. Can camwhore all day at high tea with your girlfriends!

Smells so good!

Latte with cornflake cookies

Let me warn you that the cornflakes cookies are highly addictive!!

Orange Chiffon cake with dark chocolate sauce (S$8.00)

There's something about the softness of the chiffon cake, complete with rich chocolate sauce! Because every bake is done fresh, it's moist and warm when served to each table.


Durian Glutinous Rice (S$6)

Durian served with glutinous rice in fresh coconut milk. Heaven on Earth! I prefer this to the mango sticky rice cause it's more unique and portion was just right to share for 2 persons.

Cafe Pal
43 Middle Road #01-00, Singapore 188952

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