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Welcome back, Jermaine!

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Afternoon Friday! First of all, I wish to share my gugu Julie's travel blog today! She's been writing for awhile now! Today, she blogged about Fukuoka! 🇯🇵

If you have followed me on instagram recently, you would have seen me posting pictures with Jermaine! She has left Abacus but now back with us!!! Eugene, Mel and I are super happy to have her back. She's like our darling friend and my travel buddy cause we stay around the same area. I don't have to go home alone to the west now hehe! 

Routine breakfast with the team at our Abacus pantry every morning. 

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Breakfast from Killiney to share!

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I have been on a low/no carbo diet for the last 2 weeks. But I try not to diet on breakfasts. 

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Fact or Fiction?
Consuming a healthy breakfast contributes to a number of health benefits. Since your body has been digesting the previous night’s dinner during your sleep, it’s ready for more fuel first thing in the morning. Once you eat breakfast, your body starts working immediately to convert the food into energy. This helps you wake up quicker and increases your metabolic rate for the day. And since you’re starting the day off with a good dose of energy, it’s easier to complete daily tasks quicker and more efficiently, helping you stay happy, productive, and optimistic. Yep, breakfast totally affects your mood! source

So that is a Fact. 

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Huge Strawberries for the team!!

I have been taking more fruits too, especially when I get a little hungry or greedy. 

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ootd in the toilet haha!


I also had lunch with En at Commonwealth! We have been talking how our offices at the other end from our homes. She lives around where my office is at and vice versa. 


It's been such a great lunch of catching up. This girl has been with me for my darkest and happiest times. Friends like her are hard to find. I love you girl.


And she was complaining that her eyes are small. But what! Her eyes are still bigger than mine without makeup. Sighhhh! 

Cause you couldn't see my shoes, It's an excuse for me to camwhored more at home heheh! 



Ztyle of The Day
Elena Tweed Dress: Accidentally Three
Promo: Like Facebook for 10% off. Enter FB10 into order box for promo code. 
Alexa Summer Wedges: Halo Lale
Promo: Quote ZOERAYMOND for 10% discount code (not applicable for sale items). Valid till end of the month.

Jermaine texted me and asked where my dress was from cause she liked it a lot and I have to agree that it's beautiful. It's very corporate and the dress is of fab tweed material. It's important to be in clothes that are of good quality for meetings! 


The wedges are such a beauty. It comes in 4 colors and I decided to go for black base cause it's easier to match clothes. The material of this pair is really soft and the elevation is mild, I could walk all day on these platforms! 


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Anonymous said...

i think u should just eat normally with moderate carbo. u look a tad too pale..