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Savour 2013.


It's my first time going to Savour! Thank you, Dixie and Nespresso for the invites! The TNS girls and I had so much fun. We were thankful for the good weather that evening! (:

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Us at Nespresso, all decked in Hollyhoque!! 

What is Savour? 
The SAVOUR concept remains the only one of its kind in Singapore; a relentless pursuit to unite the best in food and drink with a wide range of unique activities that is accessible to all. SAVOUR 2012 brought together over 14,000 like-minded food enthusiasts into one exclusive purpose-built venue where they enjoyed a day of Michelin-starred dishes, expert master classes, live demonstrations, fun workshops and culinary shopping.

Camwhoring at TNS while waiting for the girls to get ready! 

We all met up at The Nail Status and took Mabs's car to F1 Pit Building where Savour 2013 was held. The traffic was so bad but we had Garang Mabs so we got around quickly and most importantly, a parking lot.

Savour dollars!

The invite was SGD$68 and it included $30 meal credits. But it wasn't enough for us, so we bought another $50 each wahaha! Eat Shuang shuang!

photo 2 (3)
mabs and chris with more meal credits for us!!


photo 1 (4)
Such a pretty shot taken by Jonas, sheila's new camera! Chris looking fab in Airy Princess Top!

A LOT of people!

Seared Scallop and Dill Vichysoisse, Barley and Squid Ink crumble from The Tasting Room at Le Quartier Francais

We popped the scallop into our mouth and wanted more! haha! It was soooo good! 

Biltong Cured 1824 Beef Fillet, warm corn, maize salad, chakala ketchup and bone marrow dressing from The Tasting Room at Le Quartier Francais.

The meat was too tough. We couldn't swallow ):

Gunther's Warm fruit with Ice Cream


Gunther's cold angel hair pasta, oscietra caviar - everyone's favorite!

photo 3 (5)
Group shot of the foodies!

Gunther's Crispy Egg with Tomato Sauce



With Mabs!!!


Jaan 55' Smoked Organic Egg

Sheila loved it but it's too raw for my liking haha!

photo 4 (3)
Pretty Mabs with her Nespresso!

Pretty cup Desserts from Cake Over Heels!


photo 4 (4)
Au de Natural shot of mabs! (:

photo 5 (4)

Christine the wine connoisseur! At the wine corner, you can taste 43 wines at just SGD$10!!! This Christine lady went crazy and all excited like a little girl at the playground! lol!  

photo 4 (5)
Mabs in Flap A Darling Shift Dress! I almost wore mine in cream!!

Cause we still had quite a bit of credits to go, we went for more food. It was close to 1030 PM already but we were still eating away! 


Bo Innovation's Quail Egg and Caviar!

photo 5 (3)
And more scallops!!!

Aside from so much good food, the company was the very best. Thanks girls! Response was overwhelming and Savour 2013 was totally sold out! See you next year! xx

photo 5 (5)

My ootd was an old dress from Hollyhoque. One of my favorite till date because it's really flattering and has a slimming effect haha! I think it's still available in it's last pieces at the boutique! 

photo 1 (5)

And some not shy camwhoring shots of me taken when I got home hehe! 

photo 1 (3)

photo 3 (3)

photo 2 (4)


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Anonymous said...

hi zoe, may i know what contact lens are you wearing in this post?:):):)

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe, can i ask where did you get your contact lens from? its so gorgeous

Michelle said...

hey zoe! what brand of circle lenses are you using? do you have astigmatism? thanks in adv!! <3

Hanna Lei said...

I really like the watch you're wearing Hanna