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Old Hong Kong Legend for Dim Sum!

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Starting the post with a shot of my arms and fingers candies for Good Friday. It's one of the few times that I spent so much effort in accessorizing lol! 

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These are the 2 latest accessories to my collection. The Angel Wings ring is slightly too loose for me but it's too pretty, just had to find the fattest finger to have it on. The Weaved Neon Bracelet has colors of the Rainbow, with that said, it fits almost any color outfit you have on (:

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From left to right:
Braided Metal in Neon Bracelet and Angel Wings Ring from Bits and Trinkets
Heart Ring: Guess
Jade Stone Ring: Lovisa
Pinky Ring: Hollyhoque Boutique at Far East Plaza #01-31



All small eyed cause I only had a few hours of sleep. Was partying at Mink for Mabs 2nd birthday bash. That girl, birthday can celebrate 1 month long one. So Saturday starts with me feeling all sleepy and brunch with the family at Raffles City. 

With Zonia and Moazy


Drove over to Raffles City cause Zonia wanted to have dim sum at Old Hong Kong Legend. She loves the Liu Sha Bao (custard egg yolk buns). 




We ordered about 9 items to share. 

Pork Floss Carrot Cake- Daddy's favorite

Prawn Fritters with Wasabi

Char Siew Bao! - very very good!

Char Siew Chee Cheong Fun

Prawn Chee Cheong Fun

Siew Mai

Liu Sha Bao

Ma Lai Cake- super super good! Must order!

I would recommend the Char Siew Bao/ Polo buns, Pork Floss Carrot Cake, Ma Lai Cake and Custard Buns! The bill worked out to just SGD$70 for the 4 of us. Surprisingly affordable cause we left the place feeling satisfied! (: 


Ztyle of The Day
Drop Sleeves Cropped Top: Covert Closet 
Full Embroidery Shorts: Covert Closet
Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond for $2 off all items. Specially for shorts, readers get SGD$5 off.
Bag: Prada
Shoes: Taiwan

The outfit of the day was best for weekend day outs! The outfit was casual yet not overly sloppy and I have got to say I like the flap top so very much! It shows off just enough shoulders and very comfy to be in. The shorts is also not our usual plain denim, it has intricate embroidery design which makes it look really expensive!

A few more close up shots of the denim shorts! (: 



with my sister who was in Hollyhoque's Angular Top! (:

After lunch was shopping! I bought a new pair of heels which made me soooo happy! Been so so long since I bought a new pair of shoes (: 

photo 1

photo 3
Heehee! (:

photo 2

And Monday in another sweet looking top! Typical OOTD in the lift! (: 

photo 5

photo 4

And wore the top casual with a pair of denim shorts after work!


Ztyle of The Day
Lace Flap Top in Sweet Pink: Covert Closet
Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond for $2 off all items.
Skirt: Can't Remember
Watch: BCBG
Pumps: Taiwan

This top is versatile as shown! The top is slightly too loose for my build on the waist so it would fit a UK8-10 best, do refer to website for exact measurements! 



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Anonymous said...

hi zoe, many have been saying why you look so different from last time..think it's your hairstyle? you should keep your hair long and with fringe, it really suits you better than the hairstyles you have been having for recent years! the long fringe is making your hair looks so flat on top! not so nicE! just my honest opinion yea?

Anonymous said...

it's time to put on some weight zoe.. you are looking more and more skinny! especially your face starting to look "sunken"!

Mich said...

hey Zoe! which shop did you go to for your new shoes? I'm eyeing a few of the bags in the background haha! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

hi Zoe!
What size shorts are you wearing for the Full Embroidery Shorts?
Thanks :) have a great day ahead!

Wee Shan said...

Hi there, may I know what size are you wearing for the shorts and whether it is loose or fitting for you. Thank you! =)