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Putu Piring.

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It's just slightly over a week before the Lunar New Year! Took some pictures with Zonia after we were done with out makeup and ready to go out! (:


Before people start to complain that I have thick makeup on, got to clarify that the Makeup I have on are just eyeliner, mascara and blusher! Pictures are made so good cause of good lighting (right in front of my balcony) as well! (: 


messy hair! :D


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Not too sure if you have done you new year shopping! This Cheongsum dress came just in time! Didn't have chance to wear it out yet so it was some pictures taken at home before Zonia and I headed out for our hair appointment with Von! The dress is slightly loose for me at the bust area, considering to have it altered for CNY it time permits! (:


Collage of a few more pictures! (:



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Just some random snippets taken over the week. My colleagues pretty much enjoy watching me play dress up every morning! They would come to me just to see my OOTD, all thanks to the advertisers who bring us pretty clothes teehee! 

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breakfast at Killiney! Favorite black carrot cake!

photo 4 (9)
Best pastries from Swissbake!

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Favorite Raisin and chocolate ones!

They taste so good but pretty expensive! It's like a dollar for such a mini one! Well, good things are not cheap! 

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my office toilet has huge mirrors hehe!

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Kate Swing Dress: Accidentally Three
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Dress for the day was Vintage chic! This is not the first time i'm featuring them and I was taken aback on how slim I looked in this piece! The wrap style is highly flattering for all body types, a piece every girl has been dreaming for! The length is also good for girls who are taller as well, fits Zonia very very well! (:

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Been snacking on this as well!

photo 4 (8)
 If you are following me on Instagram, you would have seen me posting this Popcorn from Chef Tony's. The flavor is GOOD! It's real cheddar cheese! 

photo 3 (9)
Kueh Bangkit! One of my favorite CNY goodies after Pineapple tarts!

photo 2 (12)
Maggi Goreng is one of my favorite Muslim/Indian food! It's so sinful but so darn yummy! I can have this every other day!

photo 1 (12)
Main highlight is Putu Piring!

Have been craving for Putu Piring for weeks before I got my hands on some! It's so hard to find them these days really. But glad i found this on Google! (: 

photo 2 (11)
I had 2 packets all by myself!!!

Traditional Haig Road Putu Piring
14 Haig Road #01-08

The Putu Piring cost $2 for 5 pieces. I love such flour with some fillings. I grew up having Chinese tutu kueh (coconut!!!) More places should sell Putu Piring today! (:


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