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Cathy Doll.


Been awhile since I did a beauty/ makeup post for you so here's one! This post's feature will be really different from the ones I've done because I'm sharing some products that whiten dull or dark skin areas!

Cathy Doll is created by Karmarts, a successful Korean beauty care chain in Thailand with over 60 outlets spread across the country! Harnessing on their knowledge of Korean beauty products, Karmarts created the wildly popular Cathy Doll range. -The cute packaging and adorable caricatures identity with the young and trendy. 


Cathy Doll has over 50 products under their umbrella now, and here's some of the products I am going to try out in the upcoming weeks. There's BB Mousse, Compact Powder, Lip Gloss, Eyeliner and Mascara!

I would like to touch more on two of Cathy Doll's most popular products! They are the Water Splash Essence and Snow Mask!


This is Water Splash Essence in the cutest tube you can ever find! This special leave-on essence is invented by Dr Ji, a famous Korean cosmetologist, specially for the Asian skin. The Water Splash Essence is formulated with special Nano technology to revitalise your skin for a more radiant, healthy complexion.


I had on an amount of the size of a 20 cent coin on one side of my face to show you the difference of my face with application and without. It's simple to use this product, just massage onto the face in a circular motion and mineral water will form. Continue to massage until mineral water is fully absorbed into the skin.

Shot of right face after application of Water Splash Essence and left face without. 

Darkness of skin at the cheek area

Obvious darkness of skin at laugh lines.

Water Splash Essence with L-glutathione is a quick step whitening product! L-glutathione, extracted from plants, is an Antioxidant, Anti-ageing and Skin Whitening Agent and so it aids whitening so this is a quick fix for girls who wants to attain fairer skin. So you can see very clearly that the right face is brighter and fairer within minutes! Best of all, I don't have to wash it off! (:

The next product is the Snow Mask! The actual name is really girly lol! It's called Cathy Doll Blink Blink Whitening Snow Mask! 


Cathy Doll Blink Blink Whitening Snow Mask is specially formulated in Korea. It's also formulated with Nano powder technology to help us achieve snow white skin! It will give you smooth, flawless and snow white skin instantaneously- anywhere! This Snow Mask can be applied over dull and dark skin areas such as arms, elbows, legs, knees and neck! 

I feel that elbows and necks have the most stubborn dark skin so I thought I apply the Snow Mask on my neck to show you! (:


I squeezed out another 20 cent coin size of cream and applied on on my neck in a circular motion.

To be applied thinly.

Leave on for 3 minutes.

After that, wash off after 3 minutes. To attain best result, use after shower. I also took a before and after shot which I will show you now! (:



You can see the 4 dark lines on my neck on the Before shot which are really unsightly. I had the Snow Mask cream focused on these 4 lines and they were really lightened after just 1 use. 

Tadah! (:

And I also tried it on my arm! (: 



Have to religiously apply these whitening products on every day to attain fairer skin! (: The whitening effects can last up to 3 days.

To end off, it a picture with a thin layer of Speed White CC Cream with SPF 50+ Pa+++ and Eyeliner/Mascara! Cathy Doll's mascara and eyeliner is 2 in 1 pen. Very convenient to bring out! 



Most of Cathy Doll's products has L-glutathione has their Key Ingredient and it is very helpful for ladies as L-glutathione level in our body decreases as we past 25 years old! Make your orders at and Cathy Doll is offering Free local Delivery (normal postage) for purchase of 2 products and above! Shop away! (:


 Thank you Cathy Doll for the wonderful beauty products! (: 

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