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Bifesta Goodies!

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Breakfast at Killiney! It's rare that we don't have vegetables and fruits in the morning but sometimes we just want to indulge. Eespecially when I have had cravings for half boiled eggs and dark sauce for the longest time! 

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Weee! More dark sauce!

Went to Great World City after work with a few girls for next week's event for Luxottica. 



Ztyle of The Day
THE HEPBURNING Dress in Party Punch Pink and Aviator Brown: Keep Your Mirror Guessing
Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond for 15% off with no minimum spend.
Shoes: Hong Kong

I love manufactured pieces! And this dress is one of them. It has coolio leather over this halter design and I have always loved halters. The dress comes in 4 colors, definitely 1 for you.


After the briefing, headed to Mandom to pick up some goodies teeehee! Thanks Yunwen and Pearly! 

Weee! Share what i got later in the post!

En and I then head down to meet the rest of the girls for dinner at Mad for Garlic. Wait up for my post, so much good food there. 


Went home and opened by my beautiful parcel from Mandom! (: 

Heavy Rotation makeup and Bifesta Makeup removers! (:


New Bifesta Makeup removers!

Those are new makeup removers sheets from Bifesta! The packet is really hugeeee and 120 sheets omg! 



New eyebrow powder and mascara from Heavy Rotation! Also a waterproof eyeliner which Yunwen shared is really good! Gonna try them soon! Teeehee! (:

The products featured are available at Watsons' Kawaii corner. Do get yours! (:



Christmas with Eternity Loft! Starting the launch with my favorite of this launch! This bustier checkered tube top is really cute, and i'm sure you will agree with me! (:

The top comes in 2 other colors, we have lilac...



And sweet pink! (:


Another manufactured is this toga Grecian maxi! Some of you commented on this piece when Eternity Loft posted it on their facebook. It's another must get cause the material is fab and classy.


This maxi comes in 4 colors. There's dainty pink, sexy black, electric blue and classy navy!


Bagged this color home! (:

Last but not least, it's the embroidered vest which I've worn twice now. I wore it casual and formal too, if you remember seeing this on instagram! I bagged 2 colors cause I was torn ):


There's pink for those who wants to look cheery for work and black and white for those who wants to opt  for classier and formal look. I got these two! (:


Have fun at Eternity Loft

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