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Panasonic Beauty Review!

Remember my last post on Panasonic Beauty Conference where I promised to share the new range of Panasonic Beauty products? Here's the post! (:

The ladies at home were so happy when they see a huge Naraya bag of Beauty tools when I reached home from Bangkok. Especially so because Mummy and Zonia have a habit of blowing dry and straightening their hair every morning. I was really excited to share these two goodies and more with them and the readers here as well! It's because these tools are not just our usual hair instruments but they care for your hair too! Read on!

Starting from the head, we have the Nanocare Hair Dryer.


The beauty of this hair dryer besides it's in PINK is that it moisturizes our hair using nano sized moisture ions.Some or many of you may have seen me in mornings of weekdays in wet hair. It's mainly because I feel hair dryers will dry up my hair and it becomes coarse.


You may not have heard of nanoe™ unless you are familiar with Panasonic Beauty products. nanoe™ is a Technology developed by Panasonic to produce nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles! Sounds really advanced but in short, Nanocare Hair Dryer releases moisture that penetrates deep into hair as we blow dry our hair so to achieve healthier scalp and smoother hair.

Nanocare hair Dryer helps to care for our scalp as the nano particles transforms sebum on our scalp into water-soluble components. Hence, when we washed our hair, sebum is easily washed out, resulting in healthier scalp! Yay!

The next hair tool of the Panasonic Beauty range is the Compact Multi Straightener for Curling and Straightening.


This little pink baby measures just 23.5cm long and comes with a heat protective cap so it's really convenient and handy to bring around! 


And once again, Compact Multi Straightener for Curling and Straighteningthat is of universal voltage, hence it can be brought with you regardless of where you go. Now we can have beautiful, curled or straight healthy hair.

You may like to view my short video on how to curl the hair ends! (:

The next Panasonic Beauty product here to share is really exciting cause it's for both our hair and face!


Face-Hair Ionizer that also uses nanoe™ Technology that helps keep skin and hair moisturised. The particles penetrate into the deepest layer of skin, forming a "moisturising mask".



 Just in case you were wondering why am I using this with make-up on, this can be used with or without! What I like best about Face-Hair Ionizer is that it can be used anywhere, anytime; be it sleeping, in the office or just reading! In my opinion, this will be very useful to the office ladies for the air-conditioner really dries up the skin.

Next up is the Facial Ionic Steamer.


The nano-sized ionic steam particles moisturize and cleanse skin deeply. Besides moisturizing the skin, the hot steam helps to lift dirt and oil off skin which enables deep cleansing. 


This is for those who have hectic work load, perfect way to relax after a day's work. Have Facial Ionic Steamer sit right in front of you and enjoy having your skin feeling refreshed and renewed!



Last but not least, it's the Pocket Doltz Toothbrush



This must be the cutest named Beauty product ever! Because the best accessory is your smile, Panasonic Beauty wants us to dazzle! This is my first electronic toothbrush and I love it! It's another new Pink beauty tool for me and very compact 

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The inverted V-shaped bristles for interdentium and these extra fine bristles aids cleaning between teeth and gums!

Thank you Panasonic for allowing me to share these Panasonic Beauty tools to the readers and it's such a pleasure being able to learn of these first hand! Get your hands on these pretty in Pink beauty tools from leading stores like Best Denki, Harvey Norman, Isetan Scotts, Takashimaya SC and Tangs Orchard! (:

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