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Catching Up.


Family day on Friday's Hari Raya Haji! Went to Tiong Bahru cause Aunties wanted to make spectacles. My family always go to the optical shop at Tiong Bahru Plaza to make their glasses. Wearing another top from my friend, Ameila! (:

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Zonia recommended we go for lunch at Two Chefs Eating Place, Commonwealth cause they serve very good Nai You Pork Ribs!

Paper Cuttings!

Zhe Char menu!


Real Milk Powder!


The small portion has 6 pieces of pork ribs. Zonia loves it while it was so-so for me. Its very fragrant and the meat is pretty tender. 

Onion Eggs

Stir fried Broccoli with Garlic

Assam Curry Fish Head!

The fish head is not too bad. Also ordered the smallest portion they have and i love the gravy! It would be better if it's more spicy. 

Two Chefs Eating Place
116 Commonwealth Crescent 
Tel: 6472 5361


Ztyle of The Day
Vivi Tie Front Top: Amebelle
Shorts: Bangkok
Gold Stud Leather Bracelet: Hollyhoque
Bag: Can't Remember
Shoes: Havaianas

This post features two online stores of friends'! This top is love, a piece you can see from japanese magazines! Perfect for Singapore humid weather, this piece is of light weight denim material! I like the tie-front detail which you can tie slightly lower like I did if you don't wish to expose too much skin! (:

Zonia! (:

Went to Bugis Junction BHG cause there's a close door event sale where my aunts, cousins and parents shopped! The things there were so cheap! Mommy bought very pretty work heels for just $19.

Zonia took this candid shot of me instagraming!

Went opposite to Xin Yuan Ji for dinner. Yiyi Cindy says they serve good Zhe Char. I've only been there with Esther for the fried fish soup. Its been quite sometime since Zonia and I met up with our cousins! That's why you don't really see me posting pictures of them here, but I hope to do so more now. We used to meet up every Saturday when we were younger. It's really nice to meet up for shopping and dinner with them! (:



We queued for like half an hour before we got a table for 11. The staff were nice enough to prepare a table for 11 for us! ((: 

The adults

We have Yiyi Jessie, Uncle Tay, Yiyi Cindy, Yiyi Mummy, Daddy and Mummy! (:

The kids!

Forever kids to them, we always get a kids table for old times sake! (: Zonia, Feria, Trina and Cheryl! (: 

Dinner was served very quickly yay! Cause i was famished!!! 

My fried Fish Soup!

Ngiong Hiong



Tofu with Radish

I've never tried tofu dish like this. I can eat like 5X of this plate.I like the fried radish on top of the tofu! Really unique and must order! (:

Prawn Paste Chicken

Ending the post of a Paranoma shot Zonia took earlier. Everyone busy talking away and me? Knowing she's capturing a shot, am the only one smiling away lolol (: 


Xin Yuan Ji
31 Tan Quee Lan Street Singapore 188117
Tel: 6334 4086

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Going polka dots for dinner after work! It's always great to be able to dress down and go out for a nice dinner after a long day at work. 

photo 2 (8)

Steamboat at Xian De Lai! Favorite Steamboat place to go.

Sooo many people!



New Bak Kut Teh Soup base

This soup base is new, the last time I was there, they didn't have this! And i really like it! Cause i don't take spicy, so i usually order the usual herbal one and this is so much more flavorful!

the usuals

My usual soya sauce + sesame sauce.

Best braised pork!


Ztyle of The Day
Polkadot Bustier Top: Tres Love Chic
Shorts with belt: Bangkok
Bag: Past Advertiser
Bangle: Hollyhoque

Yet another piece from my friend from Tres Love Chic! The last feature was also a bustier top if you remember! I really have to go to them for tops like such! This bustier is really flattering and comes with a thin padding for the less endowered. (:


Off to Ah Chew Desserts just opposite for some of my favorite Papaya milk! :D


Sesame Paste with Rice Balls

This is a far cry from the ones i've tried. It's too watery and sesame paste should always be thick enough, don't you agree?

This is dope!

I would always order this when i'm there! Hawaiian Papaya with Fresh Milk! (: 

Happy girl! ((:

And just 1 last shot of my ootd! (: 

photo 3 (7)

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