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Pop colors for dinner after work! Went to Star Vista for dinner. The place wasn't fully opened the last time I was there so thought to go there to try out again. 


The more popular restaurants at Star Vista were generally packed while the rest had practically no soul. There's this Columbia restaurant at the end which had no one and the menu was really lacking. 


Decided on brotzeit, German Bier Bar and Restaurant for dinner. 



Neatly Categorized.

Some Tea delights!


Paulaner Oktoberfestbier from Munich, Germany!



Necklace from Jipaban! (:

Color pop!

Food was served really quickly. Good cause i was famished! 


Schweinshaxn/ Pork Knuckle! 

so much meat!

The portion was so huge, i am so glad we just ordered this main and 1 side! Couldn't even finish this piece! I like the crispy skin! So sinful i know! ):



Spatzle/ Homemade Buttered Spatzle

I had thought this would be buttery, salty. But it was almost tasteless. Maybe i am just used to my food being more flavorful. Had to eat this with chilli sauce instead.

Desserts!!! This was the most unique dessert on menu and so we decided to order this. It's Shredded Pancake with Rum and Raisins served with Plum Sauce.

Kaiserschmarren/ Emperor's Cake

Have to be quick to finish this dessert because it turns hard when it's cold.


The bill worked out to about $80 for 2. Not very affordable if you intend to dine just for 2, in my opinion. We ordered only 1 beer and a side and main. The desserts on menu are $12.50 each. Much more pricey than regular restaurants where desserts are about $7. I had wanted to try more desserts! They serve pretty lava cake and apple crumble, both with a scoop of ice cream too. 

The Star Vista
Singapore 1 Vista Exchange Green The Star Vista
#02-11, Singapore 138617 
Tel: 66943652

Walked around a bit. Checked out cameras too. Intending to buy a new camera. Canon S110 looks pretty good. Am on a Canon S95 now. What do you all think? (: 

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Ztyle of The Day
Leanne Shell Top in Kelly Green: Shop Reset
Orange Denim Shorts: Hollyhoque
Necklace: Jipaban 
Bag: Miu Miu
Shoes: Bangkok

Played with pop colors and wore the kelly green basic top with a pair of orange colored shorts! The top is so comfortable and basic so you can wear just any bottom with it! Even for work or play, this Leanne Shell Top will make you stand out. 

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Hiiii! Salad every morning with the team! 

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Salad over Mizkan Mustard and Soy Sauce. Am now using this dressing and i loveeee it! 

1500465_72dpi_Dressing_Mizkan_Mustard Soy Sauce Dressing_12x8.4oz (1)
If you are a fan of DI salad, you can get this from NTUC. 

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My dress has a sexy back hehe!

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Lunch was at Tampines Mall's Ding Tai Fung with Melvin and Sui Hunn. We were at the Abacus Plaza for a discussion earlier. The place was really packed when we were there at 12pm. 

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Favorite Xiao Cai- Vinegar based.

Stir fried Dou Miao

Egg Fried Rice

Xiao Long Bao!

Chicken Soup and Noodles


Almond and Sesame Paste

Tried this dessert which is new on their menu. It's pretty good i think and we three ordered the same! 

love my dangling earrings~

Left my colleagues for my next appointment and as i was walking to the mrt station... I saw my best friends! HAHA! Super happy and surprised that i shrieked! :D :D

Priscilla! :D

En! ((:

Ztyle of The Day
Haines Cut-out Dress: Lamodavivo
Earrings: Korea
Bag: Miu Miu
Shoes: Bangkok

The best part of this dress is the back of the piece! The dress is well designed cause the straps at the back don't fall apart. It sits nicely as it should! The dress comes with a detachable tassel rope sash to tie on waist (:

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1 shot with my iPhone 4s front camera so its so grainy! ):

And some snacks from Japan! Melvin just came back from Japan- his wife is Japanese and got us so many snacks! I am a happy girl! ((: 

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Tokyo Banana- said to be very popular!

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Favorite! (:

And 1 last shot on the way up home! 

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Sherlyn said...

I just had to say... DIN TAI FUNG!!!! <3 <3 <3 too bad i think their quality dropped and they increased their prices. :(