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Neuva Cuba.

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Off to work! Sorry for the wet hair! For those who asked me on instagram where is the top from, it's from my friend, Angela! (: 

Lunch at Neuva Cuba at Customs House! First time there but i heard pretty good reviews that their food is not bad and very affordable!




Weekday lunch 1-1 promo!






My sweet floral printed top!

Ztyle of The Day
Floral Peplum Top: Lace and Ebony
Promo: Join mailing list and quote email for free normal postage.
Skirt: Hollyhoque
Bag: Prada
Shoes: Bugis Village

Got another piece from Angela again! The last one was the white frock to Ah Gong's birthday dim sum! Here's another sweet piece from her! I soon believe all the sweet clothes are from her! This floral peplum top has got the sweetest prints ever, love the white/pink colors of this piece, with a dash of light green/yellow. Very much suitable for work and play! It comes in 2 colors! (:


Lunch was quick! Ordered just 2 items for the 1 for 1 promotion. 


Very generous portion of beef and cheese!

Beef, Bacon and mushroom penne with spicy tomato base

If you are a fan of spicy food and ordered this, don't expect it to be a tad spicy even! But the base is very good and smooth. Very very fragrant, I would order this again. 



The meal for 2 worked out to just $40. Very good place to go, the next time i am there, i will bring more friends so we can order more with the 1-1 promotion! (:

Neuva Cuba
70 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049323
Customs House
6535 0538

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more ootd pictures!

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And two emoish shots taken on the way to my client's! Hehehe! (:

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Don on a maxi dress on Sunday! Feeling very vain and wanted to wear something so pretty so wore a pair of sandals so it doesnt look too kua zhang- exaggerated! 

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Started with lunch at City Plaza! Been sooo long since i had the mee hoon kueh there! I loveeeee it sooo much hehe!


Poon Nah Mee Hoon Kueh and Rojak!

Prawn Mee Hoon Kueh soup.


Rojak that wasn't too good. has got room for improvement for the paste!

Poon Nah City Home Made Noodles
City Plaza
810 Geylang Road, #05-02, Singapore 409286

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Went to Expo for a carrefour sale! There was an up to 80% sale which ended on Sunday. So many cheap baby clothes and stuff! 

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Baby clothes at $1 each!!!

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cute baby cot

Was texting Jing about the baby stuff and she wanted to know the size of the baby cot, so i had a picture taken with me next to it! hehe! 

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baby car seats!

Happy to leave the place with 6 pieces of baby clothes for Zyan! I miss him already. The poor boy hasn't been feeling well so please pray for him )':

Had another hour before shoot with Eternity Loft so drove to Udders at Siglap for some ice cream, considering the weather was such a killer!

i love messy hair!

A scoop of mao shan wang!!




That's my beautiful weekend! Met up with Esther for lunch yesterday! 


Been sooo long since I met her so i was very excited and looking forward! Sorry to those who asked about Sixntwelve. Est and her sister are really tied up with school so they have stopped mending the website for awhile, Esther is looking at relaunching in Dec, but no concrete plans! I miss outdoor shoots with her, all our barang barang and non-stop nonsense! ):

Lunch at Itacho! There last week too i know! :D

Salmon Sashimi

Chawamushi for us!

Smoked Duck

Mango Salmon Maki and Shrimp with Cheese

Spicy Salmon Tamago

smoked salmon which scared me a bit! It's mostly skin ):

Est's eel and my grilled pork!

Our lunch spread for just $40! Heehee! 



Ztyle of The Day
Bustier Maxi Dress in Summer and Color Block Frock in Green: De Owlet
Promo: Quote DOZR001 for $1 off.
Bangle: Forever 21
Bag: Tokyo

Love bustier maxi dress and this is my first if im not wrong. I love the colors cause it's of such a sunshine and brightens me up instantly, not forgetting how eye-catching and stunning this piece is! 

The color block dress is perfect for work and play. Throw on a black blazer and you would be good to go. A manufactured piece, the material is really commendable!

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And 1 last sot with Est before I left ):

why so blur! ):

Thank you Est for coming down to meet me in town even though you weren't feeling too well! Thank you for allowing me to work with you for Sixntwelve and it's cause of SNT that we became friends! Let's meet when you are back again for good in December and good luck for your final semester!!! xoxo

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I would like to know where did you bought your pretty maxi dress? Thanks.