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Museum of Horrors III


Looking very brave huh? Was invited by Scape to give Museum of Horrors III 4D a try! It's my first Halloween Museum visit and called Zonia to go with me. We are two very timid people ):


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Gruesome cakes for sale!!!

These look amazingly real and disgusting!

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And we entered. There was quite an episode before we even enter the rooms of the museum. I was so embarrassing. The moment the doors opened, there were chilly screams then I wanted to get out. I was knocking the entrance doors to let me out lolol. The organizer was really nice. He accompanied us in and got the team to stand down before i went in cause the screams at the entrance were really terrifying!

So first room was this. Here's a TV which tell us the story of this Museum.


I am just showing some shots of the Museum cause I WANT YOU TO VISIT THEM AT SCAPE AND I DONT WANT TO BE A SPOILER! ((:



He jumps!

Zonia and I were heads down and Zonia cried when we entered the 2nd room. The characters were really scary and their screams sent chills down our spines! Poor Zonia. I was actually very scared myself but seeing my sister cry made me brace up so i was shouting to the characters to stand down with every step we take lolololol.

Beautiful set up!

Raw Meat anyone?


The bed was really low so wasn't expecting anyone to fit under!!This guy really made me jump by tickling my legs! lol! There were many rooms in this museum and each room showed a different setting.

The characters were so real! Look at this clearer shots of them which i found over google!


Seems like it's a really popular and affordable Halloween Museum to visit cause there were so many pictures of Museum of Horrors III on the internet~


Tickets for Museum of Horrors III cost $22 (off peak), $25 (peak) and are on sale at *SCAPE’s customer service counters or online here! (:

Horror goes Viral this Halloween!

Visit Museum of Horrors III 4D this October! 

After all the screams and tears (from Zonia lol!), went for dinner upstairs at Sakae Sushi.


There was a dine 3 and free 1 dinner buffet. We get 1 red plate and 1 pink plate each while the rest are colored plates. 

weeee so much food!

Cha Soba i like!


Drawn To Your Aztec Shift Dress - Cream/Navy from Hollyhoque! (:

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instagram @zoeraymondtan

This Hollyhoque Aztec dress is really comfy, Made of Light-weight Knit! Bagged this from the retail boutique last week and you will be happy to know it's available online too! 

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Read Zonia's blog! (:

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Talking about Halloween, I have also a new set of Nails by The Nail Status painted just for this Halloween! 


I was intending to paint just a solid red cause I really don't want to be having halloween nails even in November. But Mabs recommended painting a skeleton head on just 2 nails and I thought, why not! I was actually torn between a plain set and an exciting set so thank you, Mabs!!! ((: 

with Mabs!


Sorry Mabs! I must be the worst manicure customer cause I can never sit still. I'm so fidgety, it's really tough to draw on my fingers. Sorry mabs for being ever so patient and telling me nicely to not move.

When Mabs whatsapped me the photos, I told her "Sorry but don't be angry with me and love you!" Her reply was "I can never be angry with you for more than 3 seconds, you are a small love of my life." Teeheeeeee!!! Thanks Mabs!

So here's my Skeleton Halloween nails! The nails are perfect for me and you cause it's not too halloween so it can be for every other day after Halloween! (:


Skeleton for Halloween and Galaxy by TNS
Gelish Manicure: $50/ $45 Student, Classic Manicure: $20
Nail Art Drawing: $10
Pedicure: $20, Gelish Pedicure: $50.
Far East Plaza, #04-69
Tel: (65) 68362005

Favorite Pedicure set now! ((: 

And 1 last shot with Christine! (:


Also I will be involved in next month's GUESS event! Want to mingle with Beatrice, Velda, Rachell, Sixpegs and myself? RSVP for #guesswatches event HERE to be part of the fun! ((:

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Anonymous said...

It's evening... and I totally got freaked out after seeing this. But it looks so thrilling and fun, seems like you had a great time at Scape! You're so gorgeous and you have such a bright smile. Absolutely adore your blog! :) x

♡, Fatima (fashionpilgrim)
Twitter: @fashpilgrim
Instagram: @fashionpilgrim

Angel said...

V nice blogggggg ^-^