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Jipaban October Special!

Every child deserves to grow into a healthy adult. You can donate with just a click. #HLGivesMILK

First up on Eternity Loft 's latest launch are B.L.A.Z.E.R.S! 


We can never get enough of these, right? I get almost all of my blazers from EL, i don't shop for them anymore. Their blazers are perfect for work cause of its always-so-fab fabric. And again, at a fraction of the price you would get elsewhere.

Starting with my favorite color of all! This definitely is a new color chart for EL's blazers and don't you agree with me that i looks stunning?


The blazer comes with a very pretty scarf printed inner lining which you would totally want to fold up the sleeves to flaunt! It comes in 3 colors; blue, white and black!

The white one is also very pretty. There are some white blazers that are pretty yellowish but this is classy and pure white.




And last but not least, everyone's favorite staple black!



I was asking Wendy how's the sales for her last blazers! She was saying it's sold out, and black always moves the fastest! I want to prove to her that the blue one will sell out first this time round!! lolol!


Next up, is this work dress which comes in 3 staple colors. 



Besides the nude one as above, there's brick orange if you like something brighter for work.



I bagged the classic black one because it's really classy for work. Seldom in black, it's hard to resist this classic piece!


I love the puffed sleeves and the material of this dress is one of the best by far! It's really of boutique material and at a fraction of the price!


Log into Eternity Loft now! 

Should you be are interested to be featured here, do drop an email to for advertising rates (:

Woolala! Remember my last shopping haul from Jipaban

I've them here today again because this October, Jipaban is holding a 30 days giveaway!

30 items to be won!

Contest details is really easy! All you have to do is to select your favorite, most desired item! I know it's going to be tough choosing 1 favorite item! If you asked me to choose just 1 item from my last shopping haul! Like this picture with kitty car below.

photo 5 (1)

My top, bag, arm swag and clutch are all from them!

In this 30 Days of Giveaway, there is Ladies apparels- blazers, dresses, accessories, belts and even shoes! There is also Men stuff to be won; shirts, tees, polos, berms! Not forgetting the lifestyle and gift category in Jipaban website, there are books, DVD, games and even a Jipaban $50 gift voucher!!!


I like.... 
  1. Day 13 bow bag
  2. Day 16 stud earrings 
  3. Day 1 blazer
The bow bag looks good for work and casual. It is of nude shade so it's gonna be very easy to pair with my outfits if i win it! 

I like my studs a little bigger so it gets some attention. What for wear earrings that can't be seen right? So this earring is of a nice size and shape too! It is also of sweet, eye-catching colors!

The cobalt blue blazer has got one of the nicest colors a blazer can have. I like the striking loud color of it and because i'm travelling to Korea this October, this pullover is my most desired item from Jipaban!

Choose your most desired item today and email it to with the details as per contest banner below!!! 


First up, all you have to do is to follow Jipaban on twitter and facebook! Contest last whole of October, that is 1st - 30th October! It's 1 item to be won for each day of October! (:

Thank you, Jipaban for this October Specials! (:

Have fun and good luck!

And some more deals for you here! :D 

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