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Ice Cold Beer!

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Bigass shot of my face lol! We decided to start our salad regime again after Korea! Super healthy to have salad at least 1 meal a day. 

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There's a honey chicken so there's some meat, a ready to eat salad bowl, tomatoes and cucumbers. Got a bottle of new salad dressing; mustard and soy sauce which is very good and apples! (: Healthy to the max!

I just submitted my entry for HL Perfect Balance Contest. I want to $1000 cash. Vote for me here!

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Vintage colors!

Ztyle of The Day
Viva Peacock Open Shoulder Top: Workaholic Collections
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Skirt: Can't remember
Bracelet: Tiffany and Co.

Wore the peacock top to work over a plain black skirt. Love the rugged colors of this piece and totally gonna wear it with a pair of pop colored jeans over weekends as well. Off sleeved, this piece spells sexy!

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Spastic face cause Melvin asked me to say KIMCHI! LOL! So here's a last proper one! :D

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Marcus drove us to Amoy area and cause i craved for some curry, i asked to go to Ocean Curry Fishhead at Telok Ayer! :D 


Besides Curry Fishhead, they also sell some dishes for mixed vegetable rice! And i saw that they sell individual portions of the curry fish head too if you only want to buy for 1 or 2! (: 

Grilled Sotong!

French Beans- favorite!

Wasabi Prawns

Loads of my favorite egg plant and lady's fingers!


The curry is assam type, so it's on the sour side, i like! Everything is good, the freshness of fish and curry. only downside is pretty small portion for the 4 of us. Will order the bigger one next time! (: 


Ocean Curry Fishhead
Telok Ayer Shop Houses
181 Telok Ayer Street



Bought a new iPhone casing from Epi centre! It's Hello Kitty with a small swarovski crystal above the "i"! 



even the flip side is so pretty! (:

Dropped by hollyhoque retail after work to pick up some new clothes for my bali trip this weekend weee! 


Mabs, christine were there too! So we had fun looking at each other play dress up and of course, take photos! (: 


New in store is this bag which i bagged before i went to korea!

If you follow me on instgram @zoeraymondtan, you would have seen me with the bag in brown throughout my korea trip! I love the bag cause it's huge and i can put super a lot of things and also the color is easy to match with any outfit and it comes with a sling too! (: 

Mabs took pictures of us looking at some new in-store accessories!

lolol Christine!

With sheila! :D

and mabs! (:

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me looking very pale cause i don't have any eye makeup for work usually!

Camwhoring with the fitting room mirror hehe! 

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Ztyle of The Day
TC Dolly Tube Dress In White: Twinkle Cottage
Bracelet: Tiffany and Co.
Shoes: Bugis Village

Definitely not new here! I got another dress from them! This dress is of cotton material so it's very comfortable! It's rubberized at bust so it accentuates bust and it comes in pink too. Everything is under $25 there so shop away! (:

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Sheila's Paperbag pants up for grabs now!

And 1 last shot of us 4 before I left for dinner and the TNS babes left for their appointments. I will be visiting time when i'm back from Bali for a new set, already have a set in mind, can't wait for it to be realized and share with you all! (: 

Dinner was at Ice Cold Beer. Yes, junk food for dinner. lolol.

Sol Beer


One of the best chicken wings!

Bumped that ice cold beer doesn't serve my one of only favorite Hawaiian pizza but glad to try something new! They have about 6 different pizza which they can call their very own. 

Gave their signature Ice Cold Beer pizza a try! 

Prawn and Mozzarella Cheese! It's cheesy enough so i didn't get more! :D


Show you what I bagged from Hollyhoque retail!

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I liked a few pieces and sheila recommended me another few pieces, so ended up with this huge bag! Most of them are casuals for Bali, can't wait to share with you soon!!!! :D 

Hollyhoque just launched a new collection last night, so check it out!

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Cook and walk away with a dream kitchen only at the #BoschCookoff here!

Dreaming about a snowy winter holiday? Come to explore the fun and romance Christmas at HongKongDisneyland!

#Garnier3in1 must the best thing to happen for any girl! Wash, Scrub and Mask all in one! Go get yours now!

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