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Tsuru-Koshi Udon.

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The striped halter dress is finally here! I wore this a few weeks ago to baby Zyan's baby shower preparation at Jing's and quite a few asked when would it be up! :D 

Eternity Loft just launched another collection and here's the halter dress in the blue/white which Jing and I bagged. 


The manufactured dress comes in hot pink as well! If you like your dresses in a brighter shade, this color is the one for you! 



I used to think striped halter dresses are more suitable for casual but this Eternity Loft dress proved me wrong! The white collar is really thick and it braces up very well and perfect for work! 

The other dress you would love is this manufactured convertible number. This dress adds to EL's Bridesmaid collection. 


First up, it's the lilac colored one! I like this color best because it is really sweet and glows. I would pick this color for my best friend's wedding! Simple yet dainty!



The dress can be worn so many ways, we decided to wear each color in a way! (: 

The other color on this convertible design is this electric blue one. 


We wore the dress in a toga way and rope to the back (: 


And the last color is another loud color, coral! (: 


There's purple, coral and blue convertible dresses for you. There's definitely a color suitable for your best friend's big day! (: 

Shop Eternity Loft!


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Had lunch at Takashimaya Food Hall! Not the first time we dined at Tsuru-Koshi Udon and Melvin had those craves for his udon so there we were. They serve the best Udon out of a restaurant! 

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Besides Udon, Tsuru-Koshi Udon also serve dons for people who prefers rice. The last time I was there, I had a don and Adrian and Melvin was saying i'm losing out on good stuff and i really think so this time where i had Udon!!! 

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photo 5 (5)
Cold Green Tea! 

photo 1 (12)
Cute heart paper cut outs! ^^

Had this very good Kakiage Udon. The Udon comes with some tempura flakes and i tell you, it's soooo good just having it plain!

photo 1 (11)
My  Kakiage Udon! 

photo 5 (4)
Melvin's Bikkake Udon. served with dried dish soup. This is taken cold! 

Tuck in!!!

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And after lunch, dropped by the cold storage for awhile. I love shopping supermarkets' Japanese snacks corner. Got myself a box of sinful Macadamia chocolates from Meiji and a packet of favorite chilli potato sticks! They seem to have run out of the big packet ones! It's not one of the cheapest around, at $2.70 for this tiny packet.

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photo 2 (6)

And as I was paying for my snacks, I saw this cute little baby in front of me! She's sleeping so soundly on her father's shoulder while he went shopping with 2 other Japanese sons! Soooo cuteeeee! Took a photo and sent it over the Purink group chat... but with only Jing responding soooo cute. Sigh... Where were the rest of them?

photo 4 (3)

Lazy to go down to the supermarket to get groceries? Here’s a solution, #Redmart! Get all you need with a click!

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Ztyle of The Day
Sassy Hearts Peplum Dress in Mustard: Gipsy Pixie
Promo: Quote ZOESEP12 for free normal postage.
Belt: Takashimaya
Bag: Prada
Shoes: Bangkok

Wore this mustard pretty dress to work yesterday and I love it so much! It's not our usual work dresses but it's so hard to resist for it has cute heart paper cut outs at hems! You got to agree with me that peplum designs are popular now and i have to say this dress is made of fab material.

photo 4 (2)

Anyway, do give this Udon stall a try! You won't regret and I'm missing it already. The meal for 2 cost only about $20! In fact, everything at the Udon stall is $10 and below.

Going back this weekend! :D

Tsuru-Koshi Udon 
391 Orchard Road #B2-04. 
Takashimaya Food Hall 
Ngee Ann City 
Tel: +65 6738 2505

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I love the purple dress, it looks so pretty on you!

Tsuru-koshi said...

Hi there!

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