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Sunday started with lunch at Chiew Kee Chicken Noodle House! Have been visiting this you qi place ever since I was a child. My parents would always take us there and Daddy, Zonia and I can finish 1 chicken!

Mama has never been a fan of chicken, so when we have chick rice, she would only have 3 pieces of breast meat and a plate of rice. The only time she had cravings for chicken rice was when she was expecting me! Mama said she would walk to chick rice store every other day to have a plate!



The you qi there is the best! It's tender and big too! I ordered qi tui and qi wei as always and this portion for 2 cost $17. So there's 2 plates of noodles, a big portion of chicken and 2 cups of lime juice. The noodles is very good tpp, very qq! It's a little pricey cause of the choice of meat! The breast meat isn't too dry too, so it's alright to order a mixture.



Chiew Kee Chicken Noodle House
32 Upper Cross Street Singapore 058339 
Tel: 6221 3531

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Headed to Hendra's for Eternity Loft shoot. Another new batch of manufactured arrived! :D 

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I love checkered shirts and i'm full of colorful arm swags! Tell you where I got them all from later!


And I changed into another set of clothes after shoot! hohoho! So vain i know. 

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Another Arm Candy!

Went to Priscilla's for a little while and dropped off Jing's pineapple tarts and clothes before going to Tampines for some food. Feel hungry after an afternoon at shoots.


Checked into Bakerzin at Tampines 1. Tampines 1 is good cause it's full of nice cafes. 


Pretty cakes at Bakerzin (:



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Lychee Tea!


Had those rare cravings for something sweet so ordered something very sinful! 


Coupe Black Forest Verrine
Three Scopes of Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream with Brownies and Brandied Cherries!


Baked Sausages
Bratwurst Sausages served with Sauteed Potatoes and Mushrooms

This is very good! The food is very well done and the presentation is good! Not too expensive as well, about $12. 

Mooncakes at Century Square atrium! (:

Home's Favorite!

Got some Mao Shang Wang Durian mooncakes home! The family lovessss durians! (: 


Also bought something new for my S95! The kitty one is too dirty now ):

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New camera chain!

Would like to talk about my ZOTDs! Zayla Plaid Blue Top and Spotty Collar Mint Blouse which I wore are from Mary Julian!

My haul from Jipaban! It's not my first time shopping with them! Besides the 2 tops I have featured above, I got a Best of Love, Bonito Old Hollywood Wide Leg Jumpsuit which is a Yves Saint Laurent inspiration.

Shopped the Shoes tab next and I carted 2 pairs of shoes! Alana Resort Sandals in brown and check out my loud Bubblegum Ruth Combat Boots! Going to wear the boots to Korea in October cause the weather would start to turn colder. The bow sandals comes in 2 other colors and I couldn't exactly decide which color to bag but settled for the brown pair cause brown is easier to match outfits! 

I chose a Striped Rim Polo Tee in light blue from the Men Polo Shirts section and oh boy! there's over 500 Men clothes and accessories to choose from! 

I practically went crazy shopping the Accessories corner! There were almost 2000 items up for sale, you will be spoilt for choice. 


From left to right: Kayla Turnlock Leather Cuff Bracelet in Brown, Leather Braclet in Cyan, Love Peace War Bracelets, Rainbow Squares Bracelet and Auden Dome Stud Bracelet in Emerald!


Beside these arm candies, I also got a clutch! Jipaban has a Bags Section where there's totes, clutches, handbags and pouches! 


I chose a Green colored Clancy Tassel Clutch from Bagsomnia and I matched it with both outfits!

It's really a one-stop online store because they have practically everything under the Sun! And yes everything! 

Jipaban has Women Clothes and Swimwear, Men clothes and accessories to Gifts and Lifestyle. The Gifts and Lifestyle tab really surprised me! In there, there's Home and Decor, Novelty items to Gift vouchers! The best thing is that they do one day delivery so if you need your gifts the very next day, be assured that you get it the next day! 


The website is so easy to look at because everything is neatly organized! We can also search by Brand

Have fun shopping at Jipaban! (: 

And my favorite picture to end my weekend (: 

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Hello Kitty Car at Tampines 1! (: 

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J said...

I think you shared the wrong link and name for the clutch. It's TASSO BELLE CLUTCH (ARMY GREEN) instead. :)

Anonymous said...

think its you Ji not Qi.. you qi = paint..