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Ikea with the family!

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Here's my new house! Isn't it pretty! Hehehe im just kidding. The family went down to Ikea just 5 minutes away from our place for some furniture shopping and dinz! 

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me love red sofas!

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Zonia and I in a walk-in wardrobe! Dream of every girl! (:

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checking out boxes!

photo 3 (23)
taking reflections at full length mirrors!!!

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Pretty pink room!

We had dinner at close to 9pm but the queue was still terribly long! We queued for around 20 minutes before we got our hands on meatballs and chick wings! Favorites at Ikea!

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More jam please!

photo 2 (27)

Zonia and Mama don't like chicken wings so it's chick for Daddy and I! Zonia took shots of Daddy enjoying his chicken wings! Super cuteeeeee papa! 

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With Zonia

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Clean bones of my 2 chicken wings!

Zonia purposely took this shot with the bones so it shows how greedy i am! But hey! who can resist wings from ikea and i'm very proud of my chicken eating ability! See so so clean! HAHA! So sinful! Salad for my next 3 meals!

We were super lame that day so here's a shot of daddy and i at the last wing.

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Pictures with Papa as Mama shopped for stuff.

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MAN U!!!

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Ztyle of The Day
Bejeweled Blouse: The Love Affairs
Shorts: Bugis Village

The main feature of the top aside from it's bright green color, is the bejewels at collar. It really gives the top character and i thought it looks like a necklace but this time, you get it all at 1 price! (:

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Taken at Far East Plaza but left without any loots! The place was surprisingly a ghost town on a Sunday evening! 

Drove down to Amoy for some porridge cause I wasn't feeling too well today. Runny nose for the whole day, it was terrible. When I'm down with runny nose, i always want something hot like porridge! 

Worked in Shenton Way for 2 years but never knew of this porridge place just 5 minutes walk from AXA Tower! 

New Taiwan Porridge Restaurant Pte Ltd




Wide Variety!

Appetizer- Braised tofu

photo 2 (19)
Waiting for food!!! :D

Favorite French Beans

Cai Po Omelette!

Favorite Sweet potato porridge!

The porridge is $1.20 per person and refillable. The sweet potato is superb cause it's soooo sweet! 

Mei Cai Ko Rou!

This is the best of the lot! But i always take out the fats of these kong ba. Very well braised.

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Ztyle of The Day
Topshop Inspired Aztec Skater Dress: Tainted Daisies
Bag: Shenzhen
Bracelet: Tiffany and Co.

This dress is sooo pretty! I love the pop colors of this piece and i've been very much into tribal prints recently. This dress fits really well and i guess that's why everyone loves skater dresses! (:


New Taiwan Porridge Restaurant Pte Ltd
110 Amoy Street 
Singapore 069930 
Tel: 6324 8310

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