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29 July 2012: Welcome Baby Zyan!

The PURINK girls has got a group chat over Whatsapp and it's always so exciting cause we have got never ending things to say, every day! Thank God for Whatsapp! (:

I remember that I was having my dinner on the evening of 29th of July, when Jing sent a one liner message over the group chat.

The message read: " My water bag burst!"

Labour Delivery Suite

Waiting area after the first door.

The door which i stood at. Second door which where there were rooms where deliveries are done.

I couldn't manage any more dinner and rushed down to the hospital. When I arrived at the labour ward, Jing was already in the ward, preparing to deliver. Crap! I remember how i couldn't sit down. I kept pacing the waiting room and stood by the door. I was worried for my best friend. She's really afraid of pain. It was around 915pm when I was at the hospital. I heard cries at around 945pm and turned to Denson's Mother to ask if we can differentiate the cries of a baby boy and a baby girl.

Seconds after she replied that we can't, a nurse walked out and I asked her how's Jing. I was constantly asking any nurse that came out on the progress. The nurse replied, she has delivered. I was like WHAT THE!!!!! Are you serious? It's been just half an hour??? 

Everyone in the waiting room were in joy! Both Mother and Child were safe.
I teared, Yes, my best friend has delivered to a baby boy, premature but a healthy, active boy.

Denson pushed the baby out around 15 minutes after we heard the good news from the nurse and Jing has in the labour ward catching her breath and taking a rest before being pushed out on a wheelchair half an hour later. The baby came out a little soiled and I took a shot. I mean, how can i let a moment like this past? My godson out fresh from the oven! But, i've decided to keep this picture out of this post. (:

I was at the hospital till Jing settled down and we had a short talk even! How brave this lady is! She was telling me about the delivery process and how she actually had a stomach-ache the day before so she didn't realize that she was already having contractions. She had Prata at Serangoon Gardens so if you want a easier delivery, go there for Prata!!!

I took urgent leave the next day. Really really thankful that my schedule was alright cause I wanted to be with Jing. Because the baby was premature, Jing has to go up to the intensive ward to breastfeed the baby instead of the usual, where the baby is being wheeled down to the Mother. And so to say, visitors can only visit the Mother and see the baby through the glass windows.


I caught a glimpse of the baby and took this photo before being chased out by the nurse. Baby, all cleaned and looking good! (:

And I went back to Jing's ward cause breastfeeding takes some time. I brought my laptop to the hospital to complete some work/ blog posts while I was there. As i said, we can only see the baby through the glass window.

So here's photo SPAM!!!


Sticking his foot out!!!

Baby is toooooo active for a premature baby!!! He's always kicking around and refusing to keep his limps in! (:


super a lot of expressions!!! D trying to keep his limps in for this series.

Good Night! (:

Day 3 was so so so much better! I visited Jing after work and sneaked in to see baby. 2 photos with me carrying the baby!!!! I can't explain how happy, overjoyed, elated, excited I was!!!! (:

photo 2 (10)

My first encounter with my godson! I was talking to him already. He had very nice square nails and I was telling him that he's very fashionable, square nails are very in, just like mine! Jing couldn't stop laughing! 

photo 1 (9)

And this boy, sleeps like nobody's business. He can still continue sleeping after being passed around. And when all the other babies cry in the ward, he's the only one still sleeping peacefully..... so much like the Mother!!! 

I left the room to meet Zonia who also came to visit. 

Denson trying to keep his hands in again!!!

collage of Denson trying to keep baby from cold and finally the Mother comes to the rescue!

Baby couldn't go home with his Mother because he had signs of Jaundice ): 

And here's 2 shots of baby the Saturday which he was discharged!!! Soooooo cuteeeee with the turquoise gauze around his eyes because of the incubator! Looks like a ribbon!!!! 


so cute!!! a lot a lot of poses!!!

This baby is going to be very trendy when he grows up. I've captured soooooooo many shots of him and all are of different poses lol! There will be more posts with pictures of Zyan! 

Yes, we have decided to name the baby boy, Zyan! I was rallying for help over twitter for baby boy names starting with Z cause Jing wanted something special and she thinks Z is a unique start. Thank you everyone who gave their suggestions! We love the name Zyan best! (: 

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Anonymous said...

hi, your previous post about Jing's marriage, but how come i dont see her stomach big big? Give birth then married or her stomach knows how to hide it well? How many mths for premature zyan?

Anonymous said...

So happy for your friend Jing! Her baby's premature? Like how many months when he's born?

Anonymous said...

why you never approve and answer to my question? Isnt comments are for people who are curious and wanted to know more?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous:
Quit being so rude and nosy.
People don't owe u an answer, u know!