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Xiao Lao Ban Yu Tang and La Mian.

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Me leaving my client's and off to meet Zonia for dinner! (: 

Been having too much sinful food these few weeks so we decided to go for something "qing dan". 

Very Wonderful Coffee Shop located near our house.

We were there to give Xiao Lao Ban Yu Tang and La Mian a try! :D 


And the owner is this young lady, Iris, who we took a photo with lol! She's the reason why the shop is called 小老板!



Super a lot of people!!!


Shots while waiting for our food! :D

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hello Zonia! :D

Special Chili

And something we must order is the xiao long bao. Zonia and I love xiao long bao! We always order this item when we are dining at Din Tai Fung. 



it's this huge!!!

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enjoy la!

The xiao long bao are just $3.50 for 5 pieces! The ones at DTF are almost doubled and it's smaller. These has got generous portion of soup that stays very well in the skin until you give a bite (:

Jiao Zhi

This is the other favorite. The chili oil is very special, a tad spicy but i love it! The skin is thin while the meat is very tender. 

Guo Tie

Look at the portion of seafood!

Hong Shao Bai Gu La Mian

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Serving! :D

The Pork ribs are very tender and the noodles are bouncy. They are made fresh by the Shi Fu which is hired straight from China! 

Picture of him at work! 


Niu Rou La Mian

Another yummy item which sauce is very special. 

And the last dish is this very fresh fish la mian! (:

Yu Pian La Mian

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We got white fungus desserts too!!! :D 

Generous portion of fungus

photo 1 (19)

Took a picture of the prices of what i ate! The prices are sooooo cheap, it will scare you! Lolol~ 

After dinner, played around with the ukelele. Play around= fooling around cause i can't play instruments for nuts. 

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Zyle of The Day
Flora Denim Dress: Teacey Love
Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond for 10% Off from 1 Sep- 30th Sep.
Belt: Far East Plaza
Bag: Prada
Shoes: Bugis Village

Should you be are interested to be featured here, do drop an email to for advertising rates (:

Sucker of floras so when i can have both flora and denim, i grabbed it right away! This dress is of perfect length for me so i really like it. The floras are of pink so its really sweet and i've had quite a bit of praises now! (: 

And a shot with Zonia who accompanied me there.

We are definitely going back, especially for the big and cheap Xiao Long Bao!!!

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Xiao Lao Ban Yu Tang and La Mian.
Blk 112 Bukit Purmei 
Singapore 090112

For eateries who may like to feature your restaurants here, may like to drop me a short write up about what you offer at ((:

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A few pictures as i left for work. I've now moved to Changi Business Park for work. It's a pretty long train ride to work every morning now but thank god that i love my job! 

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Okay. Some pictures in my new office! (:

photo 1 (19)

photo 1 (20)
The sales team! (:

photo 2 (12)
my colorful desk!

photo 3 (11)
polariods up (:

photo 4 (9)
Palachan mouse from Toshiba sometime back! my love her!!! :D

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random bears from a wedding dinner

photo 3 (10)
some of the sales snacks!

photo 1 (14)
lunch at ikea!!!

The team had lunch at tampines's ikea and we bought some new furniture/ desk materials! I got this for my desk! (: 

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Flowers and vase from ikea

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Zyle of The Day
Zara Inspired Crochet Dress in Purity: thecolorIS 
 Promo: Join fb page and mailing list for updates and promos. 
Belt: Far East Plaza
Bag: Prada

I have always loved halter pieces but it's really tough to find them because blogshops/ stores dont always carry them. So when i saw this piece and in favorite pure white, i got it. The dress will fit a UK 8 better and my colleague said it looks like a bridesmaid dress, so why not? (:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe,

Can you advise the xiao Lao Ban stall opening hour. I love all the food you ate :D tks