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Jean Yip Loft- Gua Sa


Fabfad launches! I got to say this collection has a fair share of work pieces and casuals.



Got to love the skater dress which comes in black/ sunshine! Got to love the little black dress! Also love the first picture in which i wore this white cut out top. Here's another shot! (:


Bomber jackets with lace sleeves!

White cropped top with gold details is another favorite.

look out for it in black as well!

 another color dye denim cropped top!

too much suitable for the beach!

Also love this sunshine yellow casual top which I paired with a simple denim. That's a clashing bag cause clashing colors is the way to go! :D


Comes in white! (:

Fabfad launches! 



Zonia starts work almost an hour later than me and it's pretty rare that i see her as i leave for work! She was up one of the rare days and so i got her to take shots of me! Oh boy! She was pretty grouchy! Love you sister! (: 



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Been seeing this tube top around and wondering where i can get a piece myself! So when i saw that they carry this piece, i bagged it right away! Love the mint and because it's rubberized, it fits me like a glove.


Went to Jean Yip Loft after work for massage and facial. I made an appointment for my second time at Gua Sa Facial!

photo 4 (9)

Jean Yip Loft also has couple rooms for massage treatments! Can bring your partners there or take your parents for a well-deserved session! (:

photo 5 (7)

Camwhoring as Fang prepared! :D

photo 3 (11)

photo 1 (11)
hehe! (:

After my an hour long massage, I went to the facial room for my Gua Sa session. 

Gua Sa is done lightly that there won't be any redness on the face. The therapist would push it down to the chest area instead. Gua Sa Facial is super awesome cause it actually reduces water retention, aids dark circles and eye bags, uneven color tones and more! 

photo 2 (11)

photo 1 (10)

So after my right side of the face is done, i had to look into the mirror and take a picture to show you the difference!!!

photo 3 (10)

Very obviously, the left side of my cheek is more swollen and check out the laugh lines! My laugh lines are lightly now and the skin is also much fairer. It's really rare to see instant effects for facial or even beauty treatments!

This was achieved within a mere 10 minutes of Gua Sa.
After the Gua Sa was completed, therapist would apply some ampoules on and use a machine which is really cold to go around the face.

photo 5 (6)

I asked her what's it for and she said it's for dry skin to be well nourished and moisturised! Need it badly because of too much aircon! Hydration is much needed!

photo 1 (12)

Last setp was this face mask that's put on. Needs pretty scary, i thought my head looks like a beehive! But seeing the results, its so worth it! 

photo 2 (14)

The therapist will arrange masks based on your skin type. I had a hydrating mask on before this brown mask that smelt like tea leaves. All products used are with herbal/ TMC benefits, no preservatives.

Took a few more pictures after the whole session was over! There, you can see the redness in the chest.

photo 3 (7)

The redness will go off in 3 days so no worries if you are planning to give it a try. There's redness cause i always have stuffed nose so Gua Sa in turn, helps me clear my nose. Gua Sa is really good cause it's 100% herbal/ TCM based so no chemicals were used in the treatment.

photo 4 (8)

photo 4 (10)

Gua Sa is a 3 thousand yr old concept in traditional Chinese medicine. Gua MEANS TO SCRAPE OR RUB. Gua Sa tools are a hand sized smooth board that is move across your accupoints. The board pull toxins thro the skin rather than sending it thro an already tired muscle. 

Gua Sa Facial is a fusion of eastern traditional practice and western lymphatic detoxification. It improves skin texture n reduces wrinkles, as a result, the elasticity of your skin improves, making it tauter and your complexion will be smoother while radiating an inner glow. 

Benefits of Gua Sa Facial are: 
  1. Remove dead skin effectively
  2. Improves blood circulation 
  3. Lightens wrinkles 
  4. Lightens eye-bags
  5. Brings about an inner glow 
Jean Yip is throwing a promotion for readers here! (:

Quote Zoe Raymond when you make an appointment at 63257307. 
Gua Sa Facial (90mins) + Dessert of the Day at $188.00!
Usual Price: $288
*terms and conditions apply *valid for new customers only *subjected to GST *not valid with other promotions, discount or voucher.

For those who are interested in scrub and massage as per last Jean Yip Loft post,

Quote Zoe Raymond when you make an appointment at 63257307. 
Fresh Ginger Scrub (20mins) + Revitalising Body Massage (60mins) + Dessert of the Day at $60.00!

photo 3 (12)

You deserve a pampering session for all the hard work! Make your appointments today! (:

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Anonymous said...

hi, how did you made your appt for the gua sa and how much does it cost just for it alone?