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Hyang-To-Gol Korean Restaurant.

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Had Korean lunch with the Abacus team yesterday at Hyang To Gol Korean Restaurant located at Amara Hotel. I was there a week ago with my client, Clarice, and thought it was very good and I wanted to go there again! :D

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Cold Kimchi Soup to begin the meal

Eugene, Meichee and Steven

Food came within 15 minutes so it was pretty fast! We were given a private room so I was really pleased! hahahaha! :D

We ordered A LOT of food. Like 9 items for the 6 of us. We tend to over order cause there's so much that we want to eat. Sigh..

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Ztyle of The Day

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Got to love self-manufactured designs! This skater dress is of such premium quality fabric, you will not regret getting a piece (:

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Beef Kimchi-Jjigae, Spicy Kimchi Soup


Bulgogi, Marinated BBQ Beef

Bulgogi was the most popular dish amongst us cause 3 of us ordered this! The beef is really tender and juicy.

Doiji-Bulgogi, Marinated BBQ Pork

I ordered Doiji Pork myself and it's the exact same i ordered last week actually. That's how good it is!


Eugene all ready!

Casilda too! (:

We also ordered 3 sides to share. 

Haemool-Pajeon, Panfried Seafood with Spring Onion Pancake

This is fab fab fab!!! like the best seafood pancake i have ever tasted. The pancake comes in a whole and the waitress will cut it based on the number of guests. MUST ORDER!

We also ordered a soup to share.

Kimchi-Jjigae, Spicy Kimchi Soup

What's having Korean without Kimchi soup right? This is actually a set meal with rice and side dishes. 

Kimchi-Gganpunggi, Fried Chicken and Kimchi with Sweet n Sour Sauce

First time having this korean dish. I think this dish is just so-so, a little too much flour for my liking. 

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a group shot! (:

Overall the meal was great! The ambience and most importantly, the company. We were there at 12pm and look at the crowd at 1pm! So if you want to dine there, got to go early! (:


The bill came up to about  $150. Which makes up to just $27 per person. Very affordable for such a hearty meal! (:

Hyang-To-Gol Korean Restaurant

165 Tanjong Pagar Road, 2nd Floor 
The Amara
Tel: +65 6220 7160

Eternity Loft launches their National Day launch of another 2 manufactured!


First up is this color block work dress that comes in 4 colors! The dress comes with a mesh top and you don't know how much i love empire cuts!


This dress can be a bridesmaid dress as well! You can either go all in a same color, or do a mixture and it still look so good cause the colors are really bright and eye-catching! 


Favorite color is the emerald one! (: 

Another manufactured is this scallop collar top which i bagged the pink one! :D


Another favorite color has to be this cream one cause it goes very well with black skirts for work! (:


We decided to pair this top in all sorts of bottoms. Skirt, plain shorts and even printed shorts to show you how easy it is to wear this top! (:


Here's a shot of me in the pink one on a weekend! :D

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Shop Eternity Loft! (:

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Anonymous said...

I love ur posts on food! Always tempting mi. Haha
May I know roughly how much the korean food costs?

Thanks so much! ^^