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Happy 47th Birthday, Singapore!


Weekend started all so good! Saturday, i was in red and all ready to celebrate Singapore's 47th Birthday with our fellow Singaporeans! (:

Rachell and myself was invited by the NDP crew and we were really honored to be presented backstage passes above the actual NE show! It's my 3rd time meeting Rachell and I got to say it's so much fun spending Saturday with her (:

Juli joined us soon later and we were all ready to rock! LOL

photo 2 (5)

We started by touring the rehearsal/ prepping up site at Singapore Flyer. 

Student participants getting their briefing

girls and boys getting their makeup done!

A shot with SCGS girls in their very exciting outfits!

why so pretty! :D


We ended up taking so many pictures of ourselves too lol we all had to filter like mad. Rachell was saying she had so many pictures taken, she probably needs to do two posts! :D


Oh i'm sure you see Milo!!!! It's been ages since I see a Milo bus and you can picture how the 3 of us were crazy. We practically ran to it. And took a lot of photos with the Milo Bus!



I drank a full cup while the girls had 2 cups! 
They must really love Milo! Thank you, Nestle! You really made our day (:

We then made our way to the floating platform and met Noel outside! 

Noel with 3 beauties lolol!

Rachell and I had so much fun teasing the guys at SGIG (SG Instagram), Rachell kept insisting that the guys caption CHIO Bloggers HAHA! I think we were super irritating.

And I'm seated! The moment I was..... RANSACKED the Goodie bag!
First up was this Singapore Flag for camwhoring.

the spectacular view

photo 4 (4)
another shot with the Singapore Flag for my instagram!


Couldn't resist this shot of the 2 little ones in front of me. They had these tattoos on their faces!


The show started with nice pop music and dance by school students and MDA! I always think MDA is really cool for they dance really well!!! 


IMG_0595 (2)
Band doing their thing! Love how the screen is of a Singapore Island shape!

Flying high are these huge heart-shaped flags!

I'm enjoying!!

IMG_0608 (2)
Here's another one i picked from the bag! It's a I LOVE SG torch light for later in the day!

Snacks and more snacks!


Hahahaha! I don't know if i should blog this... But it's too hilarious that I have to pen it down so i can be reminded. Rachell, Juli and I took this water bottle and filled it up with Milo from the Milo Bus earlier cause we love milo too much! Tak Glam! :P

photo 5 (3)
Me in a SINGAPORE Scarf that was also given! Super niceeeee! :D

All the happy, excited Singaporeans make me happy instantly! (:

The shot above has got EVERYONE looking in 1 direction...
We are all looking at the parachutes landing!!! 

Oh Oh Oh Oh Ohhhhhhhhh!

And we sing the National Anthem as one big family (:

What's NDP without air show!

Our Singapore Flag flying up high (:

And soon... night falls. BUT that's just the beginning of the exciting NE show!!!

This got to be one of my favorite scenes. Where young little children came running out and drawing what they feel and love about our Singapore. 

Slowly, it painted out this beautiful picture (:

Breathtaking huh?

And another favorite part of the show is FIREWORKS! I mean who doesn't love fireworks. Cause I live at Redhill, i sometimes get to see fireworks from NDP/ NE shows but seriously, i cant beat being LIVE! 

Everyone was in awe.




Oh i love this little girl. She's one of the singers for this year's NDP Theme Song- Love at First Light! Natanya Tan is going to break hearts with her sweet voice (: 

Catch it here if you haven't heard it okay? 

One of the last scenes is this... 
Singaporeans from all over the world sending in their entries and versions of our favorite song... completed this collage.


I had so so so much fun, I want to be there every year now! It is there where I felt Singaporeans bond closer as one. We love one another and we care so much for one another. Let's express our love for one another, don't be shy anymore! (:

I would like to end this happy post with a video i captured on that day. This is to show you bustling Singapore (:


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