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Xian De Lai!

Time to make the switch and be a manly man with #DettolMen shower gel. Take the quiz here and find out what kind of man you are too!

Step into the all-new, world exclusive Grizzly Gulch and Toy Story Land in #HongKongDisneyland for ultimate fun! I want to visit HKDL Again!!!!


Been awhile since I've been to Xian De Lai! The last big one was for En's 21st birthday?? Girls, did you remember we had so much fun?!! :D 

It was a weekday but look at the crowd!




duck base and ma la!

braised pork that was super good!

my must get for all steamboats!

all in!

I love luncheon meat and chinese cabbage (:


There are so many steamboat places in Singapore but i always go to the ones at Liang Seah. 

House of Steamboat is another one which I always go. House of Steamboat has got man tou with condensed milk and free flow of drinks and i remember it to be cheaper as well. But i reckon that Xian De Lai is got fresher meat, which is very important and they serve desserts after your meal (:

Xian De Lai
18 Liang Seah Street
Tel: +65 6336 7505


Ztyle of The Day
Preppy V-neck Romper: Piece of Cloth
Promo: Like fb page and quote "Zoe Raymond" to get $1 off per item + Join mailing list for get normal postage.
Belt: Robinsons
Clutch: Hollyhoque
Shoes: Bangkok

I love this romper of mine! It's of such sweet flora prints, i thought i was in a Kimono! The sleeves are such a sweet feature, it's definitely a must get (:



Cozze Closet made me fell in love with their polka dot pieces! The first one which i bagged was the polka dot bralet tehee. It's my very first and why so cute! The other favorite is the bustier tube dress with tutu skirt bottom! ((:

emerald dress which spots a backless feature!

Another 2 pretty dresses are these!

I like the purple/green little flora prints of the dress! Suitable for work and play (:

Also look out for these casuals! 

That's very striking V-neck tops for you, paired with the denim polka shorts which i bagged as well! Told ya that i am a polka frenzy! The last launch has got PJ shorts that were totally sold out, i believe that there are new designs that come in limited pieces as well!

Shop Cozze Closet! (:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe,
May I check with you, approx. how much is per pax to dine at Xian De Lai & House of Steamboat? :) thank you!