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Sunday with Hollyhoque!


If memory didn't fail me, this is probably Hollyhoque's first ever public appearance! Sheila saved Mabs, Christine and I golden tickets so we were there an hour earlier than the frenzy crowd that came streaming in at 1pm. One shot with the lady behind  Hollyhoque before she started running around haha!

Nicely printed price banner for shoppers!

crowd at Preview!

photo 4 (50)
with mabs!

Argh hate the lightings at clubs, can't take nice photos! ):

Jocelyn got me dressed into a skater dress from the NEW ARRIVALS and I loveeee it! (: 

photo 2 (71)

Ahhh! I know my nautical shoes do not really go with the dress but it's was because i was in a very casual outfit. This is just a short post of the event day! Will do a longer post next week! :D :D

photo 2 (70)
tank and denim with my nautical flats!

The nautical navy strips match my denim very well, a style that will never go wrong.

photo 1 (62)


And I went home to snap a few more pictures of the the Hollyhoque number (:



This pair of shoes match the dress so much better, don't you think? 


This is the Lena Wedges in Nude Pink. It comes with a slight wedge so it's very suitable for work or play and especially those who do not like being in too high shoes (:


sweet ribbon- too cute!

I got these two pairs of shoes from Lloola! Visit them to shop for comfortable and pretty shoes now! Join our mailing list and like their Fb page to get the quickest updates. This is not my first time having them featured here and I love getting shoes from them because it's comfort assured! 


For those who couldn't make it for the event, the dress will be launched online pretty soon! So do wait up for them okay? Will be clad in Hollyhoque pieces this week! (:


Thicker makeup for outdoor shoot days! Cause time was pretty early, decided to take photos for an advertorial. Can anyone guess what am i featuring? (:

On a random note, need a hair dye soon! Von to the rescue! :D

New handmade iPhone4 casing for me just came in the mail.


flower complete with pearls and blings (:

new dangling earrings from Accessorize! (:



And another iPhone accessory is this hello kitty external charger. This is not my first, but i love collecting them in all different designs!


I like this shot of my set of pearlies, courtesy of Tooth Angels (:

I would like to correct myself because this charger is not just meant for iPhones but also for other mobile brands for there are different charger heads that come together.

so cute :D

You can get these phone accessories from The Dopest Stuffs! Promo: Quote "Zoe01" for $2 off from total purchase.


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ru said...

Hi Zoe, where did you get the black/dark blue bag from? Its lovely! :)

Anonymous said...


May I know what colour contact lense u are wearing and what brand? Really look nice on you.

Anonymous said...

contact lenses do you have the model of it? other than taiwan brand aka model /: and false eyelashes you used for this particular post photo on hello kitty cables? will thank you a plenty