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Irvin's Live Seafood House!


Dinner with the family at Irvin's Live Seafood House! Wore my dress from Change Parade to dinz! :))

About Irvin’s Live Seafood House 
Irvin's Live Seafood House has been around for about four years, and was formerly located at 397 River Valley Road with our outstanding crab signage. We were known for our unique tagline back then - The most handsome cze char restaurant in Singapore. By handsome we don't mean that we have hunks serving up dishes, but it is a indonesian slang that is used by my boss. When they eat something delicious in Indonesia, they say it's ganteng, which meant handsome. Having said so, my boss, Irvin Gunawan whom enjoyed trying different food, seeks to bring the best food to Singapore with Irvin's Seafood and holding the rein in the kitchen is Chef Yap Kim Fatt.



Flipped through their comprehensive menu for what to eat. The last menu at River Valley sure didn't have so much dishes!!! ((:

very popular salted egg crabs

black pepper!

sesame toast with prawns looks very good!

some mains

crispy butter chicken is being highly recommended!

lololol damn good pork for you?

Irvin's specialises in their crabs. So here's a shot of the crabs they serve. That's 11 different types of flavors for you!


Heard that the Balachan crab is good. So far i have only tried the chilli, salted egg and black pepper.
I want to try them all!!! :D :D

happy me ^^

Daddy pointing to say this looks really good!


Soup and Appetizers

Zonia and I (:

Also, Irvin's now have steamboat buffet for dinner! Scallops and all are available too.


Lunch & Dinner buffet is at $10.80+ and $16.80+ for weekdays and  $12.90+ and $19.70+ for PH and weekends ((:

Cooked food also. For lunches, they have buffet too, but just more cooked food (:

Walked around while we waited for our food to come. 
Next door is this LeBan HK Cafe. The colors of the signboard really caught my eye. 

looking cool

LeBan caters more to the youngsters and they serve western as well. A place you want to visit for desserts! And it opens till 2AM! Operating hours is 4pm-2am

About Leban Hk Café
Currently serve a wide range of "funky" foods (awaiting to grace your presence!). The name LeBan, contains two words (in Chinese Pinyin), Le meaning Happy and Ban meaning Boss. Putting all together, the name LeBan HK Café means Happy Boss HK Café. This is, at the core of what the cafe wants to achieve - diners to leave the cafe feeling like happy bosses. :)

Set  meals at just $12.90!

Food was served shortly.

Crispy Butter Chicken

Steph, the Marketing Executive, recommended this dish and i'm so glad to have her around us :D The batter is really crispy and the chicken meat is so tender, you just want to have more. Above them all, it's fried with butter, my love. lol!

Salted Egg Crab

Utmost favorite crab flavor to date. I posted this shot on Twitter/ Instagram and had Jessica- cupcakes/ food gugu, commented that the crabs look so cremey! So yes! Only at Irvin's hehe!


loads of roe hahaha! high la!

fresh fat crab meat

We also ordered another crab.

Chilli Crab

The dish is not too spicy cause Steph shared that the chefs top it up with more tomato. So families with children can still order this dish and don't forget to order our favorite man tou to dip.

Ordered 1 each because....

huge not! :D

Daddy enjoying his crab

Zonia too!

Salted Egg Yam Chips.

This is really super good. I have never had something like this before. The chefs are Irvin's nicely sliced yam/potato/egg plants and deep fry them till they are have potato chips. Addictive to the max!

Salted French Beans

My favorite vegetable choice always! What's yours? Irvin's has got a lot of vegetable/tofu/mushroom choices so you will definitely be spoilt for choice.

A crowd even on a Tuesday evening!

Dinner has not ended without desserts from LeBan! :D 
Steph got us a Affogato to share cause we were too full. 

Espresso topped with Quality Vanilla Ice Cream

Ztyle of The Day
Dokata Shift Dress in Midnight: Change Parade
Promo: Quote ZOECPSUMMER for 10% off.
Belt: Far East Plaza
Bag: Kate Spade
Shoes: Hong Kong

Weee! It's my new dress from Change Parade. Not the first time im featuring them here and got to say i love every one of the dress i got from them. My good buddy runs this online store and business had been pretty good. This shift dress i wore to dinner was a dear. Love the cut of the dress and especially the cut in-shoulder. 

Here's a better write up from their website. This simple yet elegant shift dress featuring an alluring cut-in shoulder shoulder design and contrasting gold back zipper will have you always reaching for it in your closet. With a flattering A line cutting that elongates those legs, this dress is perfect for going from the office to date or event after! Comes in two colours- Midnight and Mustard. Made of premium thick polyester elastane cotton.

And Steph and Irvin gave me this VIP card hohoho since i patron Irvin's pretty frequently hehe.


How to be a VIP? Actually there's no hard and fast rule on how to become one. Irvin's usually give customers that patronise them at a regular basis. By that, it means that their service staffs recognises them the they  think these customers should be thanked for their support and that's why they present them a "VIP" card as a small token of appreciation, so they are entitled to 10% discount at both Leban HK Cafe & Irvin's Seafood (:

Left Irvin's a very happy girl. hehe


And a last shot with Irvin- the man behind all the yummy crabs and Steph- the marketing exec who showed us so much hospitality (:


Irvin carved a special discount for my blog readers! Simply quote "Singapore's most handsome restaurant" & be entitled to 10% discount. Valid till 31st July 2012.

Irvin's Live Seafood House
No. 4 Jalan Leban, Upper Thompson Road Singapore, 577548
Tel: 6836-5020 (for reservations, enquiries, takeaways, deliveries and catering)
Operating hours: 11am-11pm

Join the Facebook Fan Page for more updates and promotions! :D

For eateries who may like to feature your restaurants here, may like to drop me a short write up about what you offer at ((:


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Tysh said...

your parents are so young! O_O

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe,

How much is the total bill for the meal?

Anonymous said...

Can I check the price for water chestnut drink? I had a horrible experience with Irvin when I ate at river view outlet (the old outlet). They charged 7$ for a cup. I believe they over charged us cause when we pay up, someone the chef winked at the cashier, and she nods her head as if they were up to something. It's really ridiculous to have being charged 7$ for the drink (the amount of water is less than a canned drink).

Irvin's Seafood said...

Hi Zoe,

Thanks for coming that night! It was great to have you & your family here with us.

Anyway, to help answer some of the queries..

Zoe's meal for that night should be about $100 as the bigger potion of crabs was served.

& for the second comment..
Thanks for the comment.
water chestnut has all along being sold at $1.80 per cup. We have never charged anyone an overrated price. I believe this might be a misunderstanding. We have got no outlet at River View before, we were located at 397 River Valley Road (Near Great World City). I hope this is a misunderstanding & we regret for any inconvenience caused. If there is any queries/concerns, do email us at
We'll be more than happy to clarify any of your worries. Thanks! :D