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Go Double with Murdoch University!


Have you just graduated? Are you looking into the next phase of your life? You are unsure of what degree to pursue or torn between two majors.

I know exactly how that feels.

Having just graduated myself. I had so many question marks on my mind.

Would a generic major be sufficient?
Would I be able to cope and do well in the modules?
Will the major i take benefit me when i go out to the corporate world.
Would I face difficulties getting a job?

I was torn between taking a Business Major and Hospitality and Tourism Management.  I consulted quite a number of my family and friends who told me that I should focus on a Major that would most probably assure me stable income when I graduated and that interest should be kept a hobby. So there were my worries, I was afraid that I would face difficulty getting a job upon graduation and Business was a safer major to pursue with IR not emerged yet. Tourism was my interest and I wished I could pursue both.

I ended up taking Business, Major in Marketing. Yes, Marketing was real fun but I was only exposed to the Marketing Modules. The corporate route for me would probably be just Marketing roles. What if I intend to do something else in future? Would my certificates be eligible?

There's definitely so many of us that study something we don't really enjoy and I always feel to excel, one should study something that interest you. How does it sound if you can now do so? It's going to be so much better to be able to study two Majors especially when you have not developed confident interest in a certain major and there's definitely no harm learning something more (:

Murdoch University to the rescue! I was looking through their website and see that they also offer Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Public Relations (Double Major)! This is definitely a eye-catching combination that i would also consider! Now, I can study two major, with one being my interest!

How much better can life get! :D


Kaplan Higher Education Institute, one of Singapore’s preferred private education institutions partnered with  Murdoch University from Australia. 

This partnership brings to Singapore a wide variety of Double Major Degree programmes never offered before such as cyber forensics and Information Security-related courses. They also offer exciting Double Majors in disciplines like psychology, tourism, events, economics, banking, media and many more.

Murdoch University is committed to innovation and quality higher education that can be applied on a global level. Murdoch University has an outstanding reputation as an institution that provides students with a quality education and recognised academic standing within an engaging and caring environment. The University is dedicated to excellence in teaching and research and provides the ideal place to take the next step on a path of lifelong learning.

Participate in the “Take Double?” photo contest and win the latest Canon IXUS Camera!
Snap any picture of yourself or anything that expresses the concept of Double
Add in a caption that has the word “double” or “twice” to the photo
Log on here and complete the form
Click Submit!

I swear by Canon cameras and you will enjoy picture time with Canon like I do! The thought of a new Canon camera makes me excited already! I want a new Canon too! (: Here are a few more double examples which i thought off! :D

Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley. My favourite celebrity twins while I was growing up. Not just one but double rainbows, an awesome sight. Double cameras on a cellphone for your up close and personal shots. :D

There's a variety of food items that expresses double too!

Double yolk eggs that my Aunt always buy from the Egg stall at Bukit Timah. 
Double Cheeseburger and Double Patty Mushroom swiss burger! Love the double slices of beef and cheese too! Don't forget the Double shot espresso for late night mugging!

Because Two is better than one, we got to pick up at least 2 languages when we were in primary school.


And during two-legged races, we need two to work hard to bring Victory. I remember doing a lot of pair works in school cause two brains definitely produce more ideas! Double-Decker buses are awesome cause it ferries more people around at one time and hopefully everyone gets a seat too! (:

And my favorite double got to be love.

Love can come in many forms. It can be a Mother and child love, A boy and girl love and in my case, My sisterly love (:


My sister is my best friend and I confide a lot to her. It's not because we do not have enough rooms at home, but we always choose to sleep together (:

And a couple growing up... and growing old...

hand in hand

The word “double” has the above representations to me but I'm sure there's so much more that you guys have on mind! ((:

So, get your camera ready! Snap a picture that best represent “Double” together with a creative caption, and you may walk away with a Canon IXUS camera worth $499. Contest from 28 Jun to 27 Jul 2012.


Ahhh!! Hope you enjoyed my short video and do get some inspirations from it! (: So yes, I am going to with pursuing a Double Major degree with Murdoch at Kaplan!

If you like to know more about the courses and contest, please log into here! ((:

With Murdoch Double Major, you definitely going to gain twice the knowledge and double your career prospects! Like what Murdoch's website says; I believe with a Double Major, I have twice the edge.


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WoodPeckie said...

Awesome design & look.. Amazing.. I mean I have been searching nail art designs like this, especially when I wish to SHOUT MYSELF LOUDER :) I mean Zoe Nails is the thing to have but your designs are really looking so cool on the eyes.

Anonymous said...

Hello Zoe, so you are gonna pursue a double major degree at Murdoch?