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Gee Jeans!


The 2nd shoot with Cozze Closet! Brings us more pretty apparels for play (;
First up, is this denim mini dress that comes in either polka or strips.


Also available are tops. Look at the unicorn printed top! ((:



And a few more tops... and this velvet skater mini skirts! (:

And some pictures taken yesterday at work.

photo 3 (54)

photo 1 (51)
Papa helped me take 2 shots of my ZOTD before i left for work (:

photo 2 (59)

Ztyle of The Day
Danna Skater Dress: Simply Pristine
Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond for free normal postage when you purchase from latest collection.
Belt: Far East Plaza
Bag: Kate Spade
Shoes: Bugis Village

Simply Pristine happens to be run by Zonia's friend! I picked up this skater dress from their push cart at Orchard Central. The model is really pretty and Zonia was saying that the dress may be too long for me cause she's real tall. But i'm glad it turned out great, length, design and all! You will love this too! (:

photo 3 (53)

photo 1 (52)

photo 2 (60)

And also... new loots!
In love with colored jeans after the Gee dance where the SNSD girls wore different colored jeans teehee!
Bought another 2 pairs.


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Anonymous said...

Hi can i know where are the coloured jeans from?

Anonymous said...

hi zoe, may i know where you got colored jeans? I like light green jeans.

Janelle said...

Hi Zoe!
Where did you buy your colored jeans from?? Looks good on you!

MissyKaren said...

Hi Zoe,
Was just wondering if where you got the coloured jeans, ESP the pink one that you wore during the fabfad shoot with the white lace bomber jacket? It's such a pretty colour! :)

colored jeans women said...

You are beautiful lady, the skater dress looks perfect on you!