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We go to Von's together! ((:


It's been a nong nong while seen Sheila! (:
We planned on going to Von's after i get back from Bangkok. (I know i owe you my BKK trip posts)



So went over after work on Tuesday, clad in a loud orange dress from hollyhoque. Cause i was early, i had my hair washed and 3 steps treatment done before my hair cut. Okay not cut, just a tiny winny trim lolol.

redken all soft treatment

I had intensive all soft treatment by Redken every 3 months so to attain soft, luscious hair teehee.
So step 1 was a leave on for 5 mins. Followed by 15 minutes leave on again and lastly a steam of 20 minutes.


2nd step had my hair foiled.



steaming time!


love my hair blown!

nice back which doesn't expose bra!


my new wedges from bangkok! :D

nice soft hair! :D

And then i camwhored a little when Von is at sheila's hair! (:


then i got bored.

hello darling~


another last picture of the sexy back of my Peek-a-Boo skater dress! teehee!

Von is located at ESTIQUE at Pacific Plaza. Just opposite Far East Plaza.
Entitled to 10% off any hair services (except hair cut) if you mention my name!

Some of the charges:
Haircut: $80
Quote Zoe Raymond to get a cut at $60
Intensive Treatment: $125 onwards
Coloring: $150 onwards
Rebonding and Perms: $250 onwards (Depending on type of treatment as well!)

Von's a senior stylist, so his rates might be higher but definitely affordable for a stylist like him.
Von @ 92995052, and he is by Appointment ONLY.

It's also better if you girls could contact him directly cause I wouldn't know the cost of every service he has! Different hair lengths cost different, I don't do most of the services such as perm and rebond as well! He's nice and WONT BITE! (:

Don't forget to note down Von's number 92995052.

And Sheila brought me a pair of unreleased wedges and shorts! Teehee!

Super happy to receive the short, i wore it immediately to dinner. 

and the Crochet Panel Denim Shorts from hollyhoque too!

photo 3
pretty much!

Here's 2 pictures! Will post our yummy dinner with favorite fatty pork soon! :D


I also wore a knitted throwover- Banded Sleeves Knit Top in Mint a few days ago for dinner.

photo 1 (31)


Get the Banded Sleeves Knit Top here!

And here's the wedges that will be launched pretty soon!
HH Trio Colour Suede Wedges - Cream/Black/Pink (Made of genuine leather)

photo 1
super loveeeee, of suede leather!!!!

photo 2

Got to thank Sheila for the huge parcel that lasted me a whole week and also dinner! Teehee!
Meet up 2 weeks later for hair and heels! Loveyou! :p

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Anonymous said...

Babe hope you putting on some weight after you were sick.. U still look sick coz you look oh-so-skinny. Preferred you in your normal size- you looked healthier.. :)

Anonymous said...

did you edit your photos? i prefer you with the normal ones!:)

Anonymous said...

Hello! When you apply first treatment is with dry hair, you don't rinse it, apply whole head including scalp? And second treatment leave it for 15 mins den rinse? After that the redken gold tub treatment leave for 30 mins den rinse? Please please reply okay! (: I wanna try out!

Anonymous said...

i went in april and von's charges are at $80 after (quote zoeraymond) discount..