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Picnic at Metropolitan!

This will be a short post! Had a picnic with Purink just awhile ago!

We were supposed to have a picnic at Marina Barrage but i was feeling really unwell with fever flu and all, i decided to try my luck to see if the girls would come to my place for our picnic instead. 

I love my girls so much cause they care for me. 

And while i was waiting for them to drive over, picked out a few clothes and bikinis to give them hehe! (:

photo 4 (20)

one picture of my bare face with en who was all dressed up for marina barrage hehe

We all were tasked to bring something! (:


mee siam and apple crumple pie from pris's mommy!

This is really yummy! The apple are all huge pieces and i got them for company's chalet as well! 

potato salad from en! 

honey baked ham and egg mayo from me and nuggets from yanli!

And Jing brought Ribena with Jelly ((:




After our food, we went over to the pool for some dipping and we all had a good HTHT (Heart to heart Talk).

photo 5 (19)

I still remember how first days in Secondary school. all fresh. When we were younger, Jing and I would always spend a lot of time together. Especially after school, we would have lunch together, we love pasta and pizza cause of the overwhelming cheese! I'm glad i still have her so near me (:

On a lighter note, we have been friends for a decade this 2012. 

And also many of you were asking how to lose weight and also one even asked over Formspring that she doesn't want to diet and exercise. So here come the first 15 know-how!


15 no sweat ways to burn calories.

1. Take Vitamin D.
Women who were deficient in it lost weight more slowly.

2. Drink coffee.
Studies have found that caffeine increases the rate at which you burn calories.

3. Sleep more.
Getting fewer than four hours of sleep over an extended period of time slows the metabolism. Experts recommend aiming for between seven and nine. I sleep at least 8 hours a day or i will be grumpy!

4. Do things by hand.
Wash your dishes, vacuum, or cook dinner. "We consider it a luxury to have tasks done for us, but doing some of these for yourself takes considerable energy,".

5. Wear a basic pedometer "Every week, aim to take a few more steps than you did the last week," says Wheelock.

6. Eat lightly.
Often for most people, the body uses up more energy digesting smaller meals every few hours than by eating the same number of calories in two or three sittings.

7. Move briskly.
"Walk like you're late for a meeting," says Gunnar Peterson, who trains Jennifer Lopez in Los Angeles.

8. Laugh.
It burns up to 50 calories if you laugh for 10 to 15 minutes per day.

9. Eat breakfast.
"You send your body a signal that you're not starving, so it starts burning fat — even when you're just doing normal activities," says Peterson. He suggests eating scrambled egg whites or oatmeal with fruit.

10. Time yourself
Spend the last five minutes of each hour (set your computer timer) up and moving around.

11. Fill up on fiber Low-carb.
High-fiber foods take more time to digest than other foods, leaving you feeling fuller longer and less likely to snack. Examples are spinach, broccoli, asparagus, and cauliflower.

12. Go out of your way.
At work, take the long way to the restroom — or even go up one flight of stairs.

13. Fidget
You can burn up to 350 more calories a day than someone who remains stationary, according to a study at the Mayo Clinic. The impulse to fidget may be hardwired, but nonfidgeters can imitate it: Tap your feet, pace, or move restlessly in your seat.

14. Stash flats in your bag.
 "My clients aren't going to slip on sneakers to go home, but there is a happy medium," says Slayton. "You might not run a marathon in ballet slippers, but at least you can move quickly."

15. Don't eat late at night.
It can interrupt sleep, according to Wellington, and may induce you to skip breakfast — bad for your metabolism.

Read more here.

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