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Cineleisure’s Next Online Sensation Grand Finals.

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Remember my last posting on Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation?
This time, i was invited alongside Brad and Qiuting to judge at the grand finals! 

It's my second there doing judging. First being the Laurier Shooting Star with Xiaxue and Jessica.
Nice going back to Cineleisure. My friends and i spent a lot of our schooling days there catching movies. Whenever my family and i have movies, i would also be there! Bustling of youngsters in their teens, i feel young again when i'm there.hehe!

I was there an hour early and decided to have a drink at Waraku at Cineleisure itself. Caught a glimpse of the stage before the drink :D :D

Contestants names/ groups sticked onto the chairs just behind the judges table.

submitted my latest picture from a shoot not too long ago (:

tadah! (:

i see you! :D

Check out the crowd! There were so many friends of the contestants there to show their utmost support ((:
And also the crowd who were at Cineleisure for their movies/ flea markets by ForFleaSake! 

Apparently just the day before, we were told to give a speech zomgggg! 
I can never talk in front of an audience ))):

the contestants were not spared and had to prepare a performance too.


we have kitty on a spaceship and Ruth!

they both did a super entertaining performance! Kitty on a spaceship did a skit while Ruth did a song. Im ashamed to sing again lol!

brad presenting the 2nd prize to Ruth
and Qiuting presenting the 1st prize to kitty on a spaceship!

Thought it's quite a cute picture of them both tidying their hair for phototaking! :D :D

Also pictures with Nuffnang! It's because of them that we all had a blast~

Nuffies crew with the 3 of us!

And another shot!


Last but not least, 2 last pictures with Brad and Qiuting! ((:

i look weird


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