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Another launch by Eternity Loft
This shoot was taken awhile back with bff (:

This launch has got another 2 manufactured. 1 being this bustier top that comes in 4 colors. Love the pastel pink!


in electric blue and black too!

This top can be worn casual and also to work, just pair it with a pencil skirt and you are good to go! Talking about pencil skirt, the next manufactured piece is a pencil skirt in 2 colors.

There's this grey shade which is new in the EL's color chart for work skirts.

And also staple black (: Skirts some in sizes so there's 1 for everyone!


Have fun at Eternity Loft

And here's another ZOTD to end the post. 
Wore this top to town with Zonia just days ago. My camera died on me before i could take more pictures ):

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Ztyle of The Day
Embellished Collared Tunic: Triselle
Wedges: City Plaza

This is just another top for free fat days cause it's towards the looser side and who says loose tops are unflattering? I am a sucker for things that shine so the embellished collar is a really pretty feature!

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