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Monday Blues!


The Hoodie dress is really comfy! :D

adv 4

It's Monday tomorrow! Kick start the week well and forget the Monday Blues! Here's a new collection by Gipsy Pixie! They brought in pieces of various styles, from casual to working, to elegant! Have your pick from their newest collection! Adel Swiss dress caught my eye at once due to its unique Wine Colour! I brought the only piece home and it would only be available through backorder! Do express your interest if you like how it looks! :D

I also love how the Cerine work dress looks! It's a lovely piece to go to work in! The material is so stretchy and comfy!! Also, the Scotts town bustier is the right choice if you're heading out after work on a Friday night! Top the dress up with a Blazer and you're good to go for work! 


Out with Zonia!
A weekly Sunday affair at the studio.




Ztyle of The Day
Purple Frock: In House Fashion
Bag: Shenzhen
Watch: BCBG
Flip Flops: Old Navy

Royal purple is the color of royalty! I wanted to keep this dress till Monday to wear it to work but i like the color so much i decided to try putting on to see if it fits my weekend. And it does! The back of the dress is low, however, does not expose the bra (:


It was drizzling and check out Zonia's umbrella which we bought from Taiwan (:
Used it once for Esther's shoot as well. Hehe it opens out very prettily! 

photo 4
random back view! 

Fruits of labour (:
Been going low/no carbo recently cause i gained 1-2 kilo over these 2 months. 

photo 1

And also, hope you all are not feeling the blues already! 
Am on AM leave tomorrow woohooo! :D had wanted to take the whole day off but got a last minute important appointment.

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Anonymous said...

Hi zoe, when you wear backless dress. what bra do you wear?

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe, seeing that you're currently modeling with Gipsy Pixie, could u please ask them to stop sending me their mailers? I have replied many times to ask them to remove me from their mailing list because I have zero interest in knowing about their updates but they've repeatedly done so. Just today itself, I have received 4 same mailers in half an hour. Its really ridiculous.

My email is, if u can help! :)

Anonymous said...

zoe u look like u aged alot! Take care of yourself ya :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe! Mind to share how you slim down so much? :(

Anonymous said...

zoe please share your wisdom teeth surgery experience. im getting mine done soon i wanna know how you go through it.. im going to remove all 4 at one go at the hospital! :/

Anonymous said...

ripple. guilty?

Anonymous said...

hmmm... just curious. so how long did you go low/no carb and how much weight did you lose? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there Zoe! Grats on the success on your low carb diet:) How long does the diet take to lose 2kg?

Siew Wei said...

Hi may I know how tall are you?