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Lao Ban Tao Huey!



Parked at Cineleisure for movie! (: 

Chronicle cause my colleague, Eugene, said it's a good movie and boys would love it.
I thought the movie was so so only. Pretty much a fantasy cause the boys in the show own supernatural powers like being able to control things with their minds. So they could fly and make objects/ human beings move! 


Had some ice cream cause the boy had cravings. 
We went to Gelatecia which means ice cream in Italian, located at Takashimaya basement. 
This is one of the best ice cream parlour i have been to. The staff there are all attentive and generous with free tastings. I couldn't decide which chocolate flavored ice cream to get and the staff just scooped some of each flavor for me! How sweet right. Excellent service there.



DIY free toppings! (:


we had moscato wine and milk chocolate (:

And some pictures on Monday! (: 

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Ztyle of The Day
Valera Peterpan Jumper and Allison Pleated Dress: In House Fashion
Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond for $2 off. Valid till 25th Feb.
Belt: Bugis Village
Bag: Shenzhen

There's nothing not to love about these 2 outfits i had on. Matched the outfits with my new white bow belt! (: I love the colors of these 2 pieces, Purple and Pink. The purple romper is really cute and the peterpan collars always take my breath away. 

I wore the pink piece to work and the shade really made me feel cheery though it was a Monday! I mean, colleagues and clients would definitely feel happy instantly when they see brighter colors, no? The dress 

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Had those cravings for Lao Ban Tao Huey and made my colleagues lunch at Maxwell teeehee! 
So we walked over to Maxwell and were there slightly after 12pm. The queue at Lao Ban had just started so we got our tao huey quite quickly! So happy! :D :D 

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Mel and I queued for curry rice! The lunch crowd at Maxwell is really crazy! Zhen Zhen Porridge and all had dragon queues! 

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new earrings from Taiwan! ((:




Cause Jing had a little more time this week, we met up for lunch! 
Pris was around the area and was supposed to meet us too but she had some last minute errands to run )): 

The 3 of us have yet to meet up for lunch together! SOON!! 

Weeeee! Whenever I am at Raffles Place, i need to have the fried fish soup at Hup Lee Cafeteria! 
It has the best fried fish soup ever hehehe! (:

Jing brought me there last year and i've been addicted to it ever since. 
Heck the queues, we always go there for lunches. 

Check out the queue at 11.30am. 
We now smarter. lolol. When we were there at 12-12.30, we probably have to wait more than 30 minutes for our fish soup! 

The place there is really small so tables are really little and even if you find a table, be prepared to be packed like sardines as you have you meal. This is how good the fish soup is to keep people returning despite the longggg queues and cramped seats. 



yummmss la! 

my fried fish soup (:

If you order fried fish soup, you get tofu and tomatoes in your soup. 
However if you order it with the thick beehoon like Jing usually does, your bowl won't have them.


Hup Lee Cafeteria
11 Collyer Quay The Arcade, #01-35/36

Highly recommended place for the OL in CBD! ((: 
But be prepared to queue.

Jing had a terrible broken gel nail so we were hunting for a nail parlour to help her with the poor nail.
Managed to find 2 parlor places in Chevron House for her SOS. 


Ztyle of The Day
Slicez Strap Basic Dress: Klamour
Belt: Past Advertiser
Watch: Aigner
Wooden Wedges: Raffles Place

That's another skater dress in my wardrobe! I probably can wear a skater dress thrice a week. What i love most about this dress is the sliced straps and also the length of the dress fits a petite frame pretty well (:


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Daphne Tok said...

Hi zoe I left u 2 comment one on ur post worth reading under makeup tutorial and another on 10 thing about u if im nt wrong.It is regarding eye makeup and another is about SIM.
Hope to hear frm u!((:

Anonymous said...

hi zoe! (:
may i know if there's a particular store in bugis you get your waisted belts from? theyre all so very cute!! (: