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Taiwan 2011!

Today, i start my series of Taiwan Travelogue! :D
But before i do so... 

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For those who love art, here's how to win some tickets! (:

2 pictures taken at Hong Kong Airport for our airport transfer to Taiwan! (:

I think we picked one of the most convenient hotel in Taiwan! :D 
It's located at MRT Taipei Main Station where there's abundant of food and shopping even.


After we dropped off our luggages (Zonia and I opened our luggages in the lobby to take an extra jacket!), we walked over to the station to find lunch. 

Luo Bo Yuan Mian Shi Guan!

After walking around, we settled for this little but super packed place which sells dumplings, fried/steamed and noodles.


they serve the best fried veg dumpling sticks and soya milk! :D


Aunt got some chicken from another shop and also some pig blood zomg. 
The meal didn't cost as much. If my memory didn't fail me, it's about 40 cents for the soya milk and $2-$3 for the dumpling sets? We ordered a soup and dry noodles set to share, with loads of fried dumplings sticks. 

Hi mei mei!


MRT Taipei Main Station

There! It's our hotel at M3 exit! ((:


i thought Zonia was insane for getting yoghurt!



Hotel nothing much, pretty small. lolol! Zonia and I shared a bed while Aunt had 1 for herself (:
We changed and took a little rest before heading out! 

I remember feeling super tired cause our flight was like midnight!



Wore this super warm jacket which Gugu lent me! (: 
Belongs to little Xin who only wears it at home for her fashion shows lolol! How cute, cause it's still too big for her little frame. And that's another pair of boots! Got to thank Xquisis for boots for Zonia and I this Taiwan/ Hong Kong trip! Must get boots from them when you are travelling to cold countries okay? ((:


First stop was Shilin Public Market- Night Market. 
Very much raved about place. I remember Sheila telling me that there's a lot of food to eat there!


This sushi place is like at every mrt station! Super cheap sushi!

Zonia's favorite from Yu Mi Shao!

We got this booklet and an EZ Link card from the Taiwan Tourism Board in Singapore Teehee! 
I was at this discussion with TransAsia Airways and the manager told me that i can get some vouchers for Taiwan there! Lolol!

Taiwan Tourism Board
 5 Shenton Way, 31-11, UIC Building.

Greeted by this Knife Massage at Shilin Market- Food area. lol madness at what they have got to offer.

food market

our vouchers!


oyster egg omelette!

Each 50NT voucher can change for an item at this Shilin Night Market.

HUGE sausages

The lady doing a sausage wrap for us!

It's actually sausage wrapped with rice and some vegetables.

Moved on to Ximending (西門町) located at Ximen Station! 
This place is Zonia's and my favorite place to shop at in Taiwan. 



Cause we were there on a Saturday night, the crowd there is crazy. 
Very much like the crowd outside Cineleisure on a Sat night but X1000?

Check this out. 




Some illegal food vendors selling snacks and all. 
They actually move from A to B when the police come. So it's quite a sight to see the whole bunch of them run away and set up their stalls somewhere else again. 

This is super niceeeeeeee!!! ((:
I super like that i ordered it twice! 

It's like Mua Chee but they wrap it with filings. There's peanut, red bean or sesame filings! Only NT30 for about 10 small balls. Can mix flavours too!

But actually...
It's pretty unhygienic to buy from them...

Cause they collect money with gloves on. So yea, i think i don't have to elaborate further lol. 


Zonia getting ice cream jelly from another vendor!

Rested our feet at McDonalds and ordered corn soup. 
I am pretty bad in my Mandarin, i wanted to ask for Cup corn but the lady gave me corn soup. Lol. But i think they don't have cup corn there anyway.

so many corn corn! (:

Just like every vacation posting, i will post my haul at the end of each posting!

hair ties from Shilin and earrings from Ximending!

The hair ties are $2 each while the earrings are $4 each (:
Love the snowflakes! 

Gloves from Ximending. Cost just $4 for each pair.

falsies from Shilin and Xi Men Ding

I got the falsies from the same shop at Shilin! They cost only $2 a box as well. Super good buy, i bought 3 boxes at a go! The lower lashes are from Ximending, cost slightly more- $6 for a box of 10. Still cheap right! Hohohoho

my buys for Day 1! ((:

Places Visited:
Shilin Night Market
Ximending 西門町

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Anonymous said...

hi zoe!
previously was trying to find your post abt tw and realized u havent go yet so i happen to hop to your blog and sees ur post on tw! when was the period u went there? izit cold there? im planning to go on feb! will top+jeans+cardigan be enuff?? :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Zoe, happy lunar new year!! Anyway, just to correct you, the chinese wording read as Luo Bo (Carrot) and not Pu Tao (Grape). :X Hope this helps you! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe, finally your tw post is here! So excited! ^^ Anyw, for the vouchers we just have to go to the tw tourism board and get? Do we need like any proofs that we going to taiwan or any charges for the vouchers? :)

Anonymous said...

Its free to exchange! Just bring your confirmation of airticket and hotel confirmation to their office @ raffles. Open only on office hours thou

Anonymous said...

hi zoe~ btw, the "free gift".. do we have to collect ourselves or we can send one rep in our group that are going to collect for us?

Anonymous said...

do you recommend going to shilin on a weekend afternoon and ximending on a weekend night? Is it too crowded?

Anonymous said...

Hi babe. May i knw u are wearing wat sizes for charles&keith shoes. And e boots u wearing frm xquisis is wat size. Thankie ^^

Anonymous said...

hihi~ from their website i see that they only have the voucher as free gift. is easycard included also?

Anonymous said...

hi zoe,

does the booklet comes with the easycard?? or its just the vouchers alone?

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe, may I check with you how much you paid for accomodation? I am unable to get any information from the hotel website about their cost. Thanks so much! :)

Anonymous said...

hi zoe, whr did u buy the pink black polka dots shawl? its cute!! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe. Could u reply to the above comments?

Anonymous said...

Hi i would like to find out where did you get the black boots that you wore in HK airport.?

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe,

Where did you buy your pink color jacket and polka dots shawl?

Anonymous said...


Was Cosmo HOtel's toilet and bedsheets clean?

After reading from your blog the location, I'm keen to stay in this hotel too.


Shi Hui said...

hi there, got any idea what are the opening hours for underground mall at taipei main station?


Carolyn Lee said...

Hi Babe,

I remember you ever posted a post advertising on the blogsop that sells the boots you wore. Could you give me the link again, because I can't seems to find the post.

Could you email me at: