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River South (Hoe Nam) Prawn Noodles!

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Eternity Loft is by far my favorite blogshop of work pieces. The fabric used is always top notch, boutique materials at affordable price tags! (:

Today's launch has got us 4 different designs. Very much for CNY if you love dainty sweet dresses. I kept one of each design! The toga dress now comes sleeveless! I love the green dress with peter pan collar, a new color chart on EL! Care for a sweet top with embroidery details bust and waist? I got the piece in dress and now it comes in top version!

Zonia also wore an EL's number to Grandparents' 50th Wedding Anniversary just last friday!

the dress is available in blue too! And the slouchy blazer is also up for grabs! (:


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this is really yummy!

Zonia and I got 5 big packets of this snack from Taiwan! (:
Codfish pastry with seaweed- Wasabi flavour! ((:

Drove to repair the luggage! Super pissed with Prudential Hotel cause they spoilt the handle of the luggage! We were on the way back to Singapore from Hong Kong when the luggage was damaged as we were headed for HKG airport. 

Thankfully b got warranty for it! Those who followed me on twitter would have seen it. Cause the luggage belongs to b and it's new so i was pretty upset that it was damaged. The boy was really really sweet to ask me not to worry about it and kept telling me to just come home safe. 

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This guy is really good. He had it done within 10 minutes! Pei fu! ((:

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Happy girl! ((:

Ztyle of The Day
Saccharine Stripe Dress: Lace and Ebony
Promo: Like fb page and Quote Zoe Raymond for 10% off.
 Belt: Can't remember
Clutch: Past Advertiser:

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Sexy back of the dress i was wearing! Teehee! 

We then drove to lunch at River South (Hoe Nam) Prawn Noodles. 
Apparently when b checked in, he saw that Chester visited this place and said it's good too! (:



Never a fan of yellow mee so ordered kuey tiao ((:
Very fragrant soup and big fat prawns. This bowl costs $5. There's like prawn mee with baby abalone or fish cake etc too! I saw that the most expensive bowl costs $15. Gasps. 

River South (Hoe Nam) Prawn Noodles
31 Tai Thong Crescent

Lastly, removing makeup has never been so easy for me. All thanks to #Biore’s Cotton Sheets. Read here! ((:

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valerie said...

what bra do you wear with these backless dresses? I can never find a good fitting nubra and i'm a C cup like you!


valerie said...
what bra do you wear with these backless dresses? I can never find a good fitting nubra and i'm a C cup like you!

Nu bra! (:

YeE said...

Hi zoe
Am keen in the saccharine striped dress but it's oos fr lace and ebony.:( are u still clearing ur wardrobe? Wld like to buy fr u!