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Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement!


To start off the post, I'm sure all of us have heard of Lucido-L or personally tried one of their many hairstyling products! When I had curls in secondary school, i swore by the little lime green tub for lasting curls!

Lucidol Round Ridge
Lucido-L Designing Pot Round Ridge is for curls!

 No prizes for guessing it right, Lucidol-L is one of Japan’s top ladies’ hairstyling brands! In fact, they are Singapore’s No.1 Ladies Hairstyling Brand (based on AC Nielsen data).

They have a wide range of products catered for different hair types, textures and usage preferences! Recently, I got glued to their very hair beauty/fashion enriching Lucidol-L website where I learnt how to pick the correct products for my hair or also how to create certain looks! How cool to have a hair guru online! :D I can see myself logging in more frequently now to get updated! (:

We love their wide range of products catered for different hair types, textures and usage preferences! Recently, I got glued to their very hair beauty/fashion enriching Lucidol-L website where I can learn on how to pick the correct products for my hair or also how to create certain looks! How cool is that to have a hair guru online! :D

That's definitely not all of Lucido – L cause they actually have got a relatively new Treatment Product Range as well! 


They all contain Hyaluronic Acid which is a moisturising agent commonly only found in skin care products!
Don’t know which one to choose? Just remember – the higher the density of the product, the more intense the treatment!
i.e Water=Light treatment, Serum=Medium treatment, Oil=Intense treatment.
Will not load you with more details just go check it out yourselves here!

FINALLY! the product which I'm going to share today!!!
Drum roll for Lucido-L Hair Supplement, their latest treatment oil!


Lucido-L has 2 new Hair Oils for your convenience! The cutesy pink one is for girls with straight hair who want pretty, tamed hair all day long while the orange one is for girls with permed hair and want soft, bouncy hair!


After using it every day for 2 weeks, 
I am officially on my journey to beautiful hair! (:
And you can too! 

I'm going to be honest here. I have never fancied hair treatments due to the fact that i've pretty oily scalp and having lotions on will make it look worse! But Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement proved me wrong - not every hair product is greasy and heavy! :D

I will start with a picture of my lifeless hair taken 2 weeks back.  
My hair problems are basically brittle, dry due to the lack of moisture. Very much because of air con! I think this is a problem some of you working ladies might be able to identify with right?

sad looking hair

pretty dry and frizzy hair ends!

The picture paints a thousand words, doesn't it? 
Hair looks lifeless, zilch shine and slightly frizzy to the ends. Because of these nagging problems, I decided to give Lucido L products a try to give my hair a new lease of life


 Dispensing a generous amount of Treatment Oil  for my hair ends. 


letting the treatment do its magic!

The treatment is a leave on, treatment so i use it after shampooing and towel dry. I started with being super diligent and leaving it on twice a day, every morning after bathing and before going to bed. I think applying it before going bed is the more important step cause I want to wake up with pretty and soft hair! lol! Love how it's non-sticky and comes in a pump-type bottle! I never liked digging into tubs!

check out the shiny and non-frizzy hair now!


which is your current hair type?

Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement Treatment Oil  is for girls with straight hair. It helps us have manageable hair that feels moistured all day long! 

Hair feels smooth and tangle free when you run your fingers through it! So no worries that your boyfriend doesn't want to run his fingers through your hair now! Lol! Lastly, applying the treatment oil at night helped my hair remain manageable until the next morning! That's THE most important cause every morning, I wake up like a lioness. 

A very cost effective treatment oil, it contains a special CMC-like ingredient which is gaining popularity in Japan! 

What is CMC?
Cell Membrane Complex. CMC exists among cuticles and cortex cells to help them bond with each other. CMC also works as a "path for water" allowing water molecules to move smoothly through the hair! When CMC is lost due to hair damage, cuticles and cortex cells break away, it reduces the water maintaining ability of hair! (:


So in simpler terms, combination with CMC-like ingredient can support the inside of the hair to maintain water, creating manageable, moisturised hair up to ends. 


And guess what! I also learnt that CMC is fast becoming a permanent ingredient in salon treatment menus!!! 


Lucido-L not only cares for those with straight hair! They also have the treatment oil which comes in the cute orange bottle for girls with permed hair! :D 

Obviously you girls all know that I didn't perm my hair but ahhh! I just curled my hair to make it more realistic for this posting okay!



For those who have permed hair may now want to ask the important question. 

What is it in for me?

The Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement Treatment Oil aims towards creating "soft hair" that feels moisturised. Now you can also maintain soft, bouncy, tangle-free hair all the way to the following morning!

on my 18th birthday!

When I was in secondary school, I had my hair permed a few times. My gosh, i remember how drying my hair was and I never found the solution to it. I ended up chopping my locks off because I just couldn't manage it! Every morning I would wake up with not just big hair but also tangled and messed up curls.
I was also afraid of using treatment oil as I feared that my locks will be flattened. YET! They were too dry from damage I didn’t know what to do.

If only Lucido-L's Hair Make Supplement existed then! 

Besides being non-greasy, I love the soft fragrant fruity floral scent of the treatment oil! 



I didn't have to comb my hair cause it falls nicely into place cause I had the Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement Hair Treatment Oil on the night before I went to bed! You can apply the treatment onto slightly damp hair or dry hair! Very simple and super fuss free! Teehee!

Look at this survey conducted and see how satisfied these women are! (: 


so this is one of the pictures in the evening where I had my Lucido-L hair supplement on the night before i slept! (:

soft, untangled, glossy hair! :D

You can now cut down on the salon treatments cause each bottle of the Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement Treatment Oil costs just $15.90! Been almost a month and I'm not half way through the bottle, so really affordable and you can see the effect instantly! (:

You can get the products from Watsons, Guardian, Major NTUC Fairprice Supermarkets, Meidiya Supermarket and Nishino Pharmacies!


I'm sure you are all very excited to get your hands on a bottle yourself! 

Visit with the password “ZOE” and stand a chance to receive a full size sample. 

You can choose between the 
- Hair Make Supplement for Straight Hair or
- Hair Make Supplement for Permed Hair.

Very limited pieces available so Fastest fingers first, ladies! (: 

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Anonymous said...

Babe, pink top from where?

Anonymous said...

I bought the treatment after seeing ur review today ;) by J

Anonymous said...

wanna ask u if u know any studio photography for a group of good friends kinda??


Anonymous said...
Babe, pink top from where?

Eternity loft! :D


Anonymous said...
I bought the treatment after seeing ur review today ;) by J



Anonymous said...
wanna ask u if u know any studio photography for a group of good friends kinda??

Hendra? ((:

Stashe said...

Hiii. DO you wash your hair at night? I bought the overnight treatment oil (hair make supplement) but the instructions say that hair has to be semi-dry. BUt i dont wash my hair at night. :( I only wash my hair in the morning because I always have that greasy, sticky, uncomfortable feeling. What should I do? Thanks.