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Wu Xia with the Family!

On one of the Sunday nights, impromptu decision by my parents to catch a movie together! (:
So Mommy booked us tickets for Wu Xia at Tiong Bahru at 7pm! Nice to watch movies as a family right! :D

So i didn't wash off my makeup after shoot and changed into a comfy sleeved top cause I scared cold one! 
Only took over the contact lens which i can't seem to wear for more than 5 hours cause it gets so uncomfortable! I've got perfect eyesight and lens are for vanity. Lol!

along with me is my furry jacket!


Pictures while waiting for the rest of come out of the house!

papa! :D

zonia in her FBT sports top! lol!

the other side of my face which you seldom see cause i think it looks fat!

zonia! :D



Ztyle of The Day
Zipper Back Tee Dress in White Lacey Dreams: Love Fiiefiie
Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond for 5% off. Min 2 item purchase.
Shorts: Blossomz
Furry Jacket: Bangkok
Hairband: M)phosis
Flip Flops: Old Navy



Wu Xia was really nice! It's a fighting show which featured Donnie Yen and Takeshi Kaneshiro! Takeshi aged already, i remember how much i used to like him when I was still schooling! We had those A4 plastic hard files and i would have his picture sticked on it! Teehee! (:



Coosh Scene has got another launch for us all!
In this launch, there's this dress for party and a whole load of casuals!

Besides the very cute polka high waist shorts, I like wearing tank dresses! Comfy much, the material is fab and I think pairing it with a belt makes the dress looks a little less casual! I would probably throw on a blazer for work this Friday!

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